Proper Daily Hydration may be the single most important health habit there is next to breathing and getting proper sleep and rest. 55 to 75% of the physical structure of every cell in our body is composed of water, that is; salt water: (called cytosol) and floating in this salt water are all the nutrients and chemicals that our cells need to do the amazing number and variety of metabolic tasks they do every second of every day throughout our entire lives. Draught or deficiency of water inside our cells at any level creates problems, or symptoms. Many symptoms of dis-ease are the body’s many cries for water. Chronic unintentional dehydration is the root cause of so many preventable symptoms and conditions. Please read the whole story here and follow the seven simple steps of The Watercure Recipe and you will see dramatic improvement in your health, no matter what the condition is and no matter how long you have been suffering. Proper Daily Hydration is one of the most complementary and biomodulating health habits there is!

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