Part 1

Good Morning. Today begins a series of communications from me designed to address and answer the question: What are the roots of Health? What are the principles and practices of Functional Nutrition? What do we need to know…and what do we need to do consistently; to regain, maintain and optimize our health and well-being? Let’s explore.

“There are principles. We do have conscience. And these two things make all the difference.” Stephen Covey

First principles: Do what works for you. There is no one “diet” that works for everyone. There are core principles we can rely on. There are core practices we can rely on. We must be and become more proactive in our own self-care. We must explore. We must experiment. Principles are like lighthouses, they are there to guide us through the storms of life. Principles do not change.

Here’s a first principle: The body is constantly healing itself. Think about that. Our body is constantly healing itself!

This brings to mind a second principle: nothing is neutral. There is nothing we think, do or say that has no impact on our health and well-being.

Everything we think do or say; especially what we choose to eat and drink and take for supplements and medications…is either complementary to the way our body is designed to work or it is insulting. We need to discover the differences between the complementary foods and habits and the insulting foods and habits.

Identifying these habits is the purpose of my work and the foundation of my effectiveness as a Health Educator and Digestive Wellness expert.

As a consequence of these first two principles, we must find and do (consistently) the things that nourish us best…and then…all will be well, today and always.

Part 2

Good Morning. Today we begin to explore the Five Root Cause areas for ALL chronic degenerative dis-ease including all digestive system disorders. Making complementary changes in each of these five root cause areas is the surest path to regaining, maintaining and optimizing our health and well-being.

Root Cause Area Number One? Chronic Unintentional Dehydration. Everyone knows and absolutely no one disagrees that proper daily hydration is one of the foundational keys to our health and well-being. Since we live and die at the cellular level, since the health of our whole body depends upon the health of our individual cells and since all the cells of our body are connected one to the other in the most amazing community of proactive, interdependent organisms ever discovered…it makes sense that we learn how best to take care of every individual cell in our body. Right? Well, every cell needs water. The physical structure of every cell in our body is 55-85% water. Imagine that. Everything that happens inside the cell happens inside a fluid matrix. If there is cellular dehydration at any level there is cellular dysfunction. It’s just that simple. The easiest, most powerful, most inexpensive thing we can do each day to dramatically improve the health and well-being of every cell in our body is to make sure we are properly hydrated.

We need to drink half our body weight in ounces of water per day as an absolute rock bottom bare minimum. I’ve been doing this daily now for almost 20 years since I first learned about proper daily hydration as a “functional nutrition therapy” from the great Dr. Batmanghelidj himself. Thank you Dr. B!

For all the details about how to “do” the watercure effectively; (hint: start slowly and build up gradually to compliance levels)

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