More Care of the Cell

Today continues a series of short posts on the connections between the health of our bodies, nutrition and the health of our cells. I can tell you this: the relationship between nutrition and health is not casual; it’s causal.

Physical health is the foundation upon which we build the rest of our lives. The quality of our physical health is determined by the quality of the life of our cells. Cells are amazing. Cells live amazing lives! The cells inside our own body perform countless miracles every second of every day. Read on to discover how and why this is so.

“Every manifestation of the life of our tissues, organs and cells, our thoughts, our nerves our affections, the cruelty, the ugliness and the beauty of the universe, even its very existence, (all) depend upon the biochemical state of our blood and lymph; and these fluids depend upon the quality of our daily nutrition. Nutrition is synonymous with existence.”

Man the Unknown, Alexis Carrel (1935)

Time heals all wounds once we find and do the things that nourish our cells best!

More great “cell quotes” coming!  Stay tuned!

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