The Care of the Cell

Today starts a series of short posts on the connections between the health of our bodies, nutrition and the health of our cells. I can tell you this: the relationship between nutrition and health is not casual; it’s causal.

“In order for a cell to be healthy, it needs proper nutrients and oxygen. If our cells are healthy, then we are healthy. It is as simple as that. In order to maintain our health, we must learn to provide our body with the nutrients that our cells need to survive and thrive. All cellular functions are determined by the environment in which cells live. All cells take their nutrients and oxygen from the surrounding blood and lymph in which they are floating. Cells then, become what they eat. When cells become damaged, for whatever reason, we must be able to give the body the raw materials it needs to heal itself, replacing the damaged cells, with healthy new ones. If we do this, then the body can do the rest. The root of the word “health” is “heal.” The body is constantly healing itself. The body’s ability to heal itself is one of the most fundamental and essential principles of life.”

The Science of Healing Revealed, by Gary Samuelson, Ph.D.

Time heals all wounds once we find and do the things that nourish our cells best!

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