Root Cause Area #5: Stress

Let’s define Stress as anything that interferes with the normal functioning of your body, your digestive system and your cells. Making changes in your diet and lifestyle in the first four root cause areas will go a long way to reducing Stress throughout your body and helping to restore normal function.

Today, let’s look at some obvious Stress factors and some less than obvious ones. We all need to look at the obvious Stress factors; Financial Stress, Job and Career Stress, Relationship Stress, Communication Stress, Time Management Stress and Environmental Stress; (toxins in our food, water, air) and make changes as appropriate.

Less obvious but equally important and sometimes in some people’s healing process what turns out to be the most important of all are day to day habits that actively block the normal functioning of their digestive systems.

So, I will mention the most common insulting habits that STRESS the digestive system making it difficult or impossible to restore normal function. In the days and weeks ahead we will explore each of these habits (and others) in detail.

Here is a short list of the most common insulting habits that create negative stress on the digestive system and actively block and prevent it from functioning normally. The good news here of course is changing these insulting habits into complementary habits dramatically improves function!

Insulting Habits: wearing tight pants, eating too fast, not chewing your food, eating too much, eating too late in the day, eating or drinking cold foods and beverages including iced foods and beverages, eating when upset, eating when you are distracted, eating standing up, eating on the run, eating in the car.

Mindfulness is the key in addressing all negative stress factors in our diet and lifestyle. We need to eat less and chew more. We need to relax and pay attention. Most of this is common sense. More to follow in the days ahead.

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