What is our Dream?

All this information we have been exploring during the past few weeks about healthy cells invites us to consider an intriguing possibility; that what connects us and unites us is far stronger than what separates us or keeps us apart. It means that teamwork makes the dream work!

This begs the question: What is our dream?

Is there a dream that most people would agree that we hold in common?

What is it that most people really want?

“Most of us want to breathe clean air and drink clean water. We want tasty, nutritious food uncontaminated with toxins. We want meaningful work, a living wage and security in our old age. We want a say in the decisions our government makes. We want world peace.”
Agenda for a New Economy, David C. Korten

What is Real Wealth?

“Real Wealth is a healthy fulfilling life; healthy, happy children; loving families and a caring community within a beautiful, healthy natural environment. Real wealth is a fulfilling means of livelihood that affirms our inherent worth and service to the whole. Real wealth is a peaceful world. These are the things of real value and the only true valid measure of any successful business or economic system.”
Agenda for a New Economy, David C. Korten

Question: Is there a better way to achieve what most people want in life? And are there lighthouse principles to guide us along the way? And are these principles similar to the principles that can guide us to achieve greater cellular health and well-being?

“Our Dream is for One Peaceful World through the biological
transformation of humanity.”   Michio Kushi

How best is this dream for one peaceful world achieved?

Let’s continue to explore.

We know that one of the answers is to take better care of our cells.

And we know that another answer is to take better care of the community in which we live, work and play; (and eat, pray and love).

When we say something like; “We live and die at the cellular level” what is it that we are really saying?

Isn’t it that we live and die at the cellular level, inside and out?

Isn’t it that we live simultaneously as independent cells or independent beings and that we live socially and communally as integral members inside of a diverse and interdependent community?

All the choices we make affect our cells and affect the health of our bodies.

All the choices we make affect the health of our communities and our world.

The dream for one peaceful world depends on each of us working together for the health and prosperity of ourselves, each other and the whole community.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

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