What Does All This Mean?

During the last week or so, I have been sharing information about the inner workings of cells and how those inner workings are affected by our nutritional choices. Over the next few days, I’d like to share some thoughts about what that all means…

What all this means is that we live and die at the cellular level.
It means that we are and we become…literally…what we eat.
It means that we are and we become what our food eats; or what our foods eat.

It means that we are and we become what our plant foods eat and how they are tended to from soil to seed to sprout to fruit to harvest to transport to selection to preparation to consumption. It means the same thing for the animals we eat too.

It means that the decisions we make about what we eat each day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, what we take for supplements, medications, etc; are the most important decisions we make and have the biggest and most important impacts on our health.

It means that the blueprints for our health are encoded in the DNA of each and every cell in our body and it means that these “DNA Blueprints” are NOT and were NOT “fixed” at conception or birth but are constantly changing due to the choices we make every day of our lives, particularly our dietary and lifestyle choices.

It means that food is actually information that talks to our genes and washes over our DNA and creates the outcome of our life which is either health or disease. It means that we have total control over this process. We control what genetic messages get turned on or turned off by what we eat.

In other words, nutrition determines genetic expression!

“The way food affects your genes is hard-wired and cannot be changed.”

In other words, the most influential thing we do every day is what we eat. What we choose to eat affects every organ, system and cell in our body.

A wise person learns about the inner workings of cells and chooses to take better care of them.

Our cells love us unconditionally. Let’s love them back!

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