Nutrition and Genetic Expression

Today continues a series of short posts on the connections between the health of our bodies, nutrition and the health of our cells.

The term, nutrigenomics refers to the relationship between nutrition and genetic expression, which, as I have been saying all along, is not casual, but causal.

“In other words, nutrigenomics recognizes that food isn’t just the stuff you put in your mouth that tastes good and fills you up. Food is actually information. Food “talks” to your genes and washes over your DNA to create conditions of either health or disease, weight gain or weight loss, vitality or sluggishness. And you can control which messages get “turned on” or “turned off” through what you eat.”

“These messages can be good messages like; “eliminate toxins” or “burn stored body fat” or “kill those bacteria I just inhaled through my nose” or they can be bad messages like; “make more LDL cholesterol” or “increase inflammation to my coronary arteries” or “slow down my brain function.” The way food affects your genes is hard-wired and cannot be changed. But you have the ability to adapt to a diet and lifestyle that will turn on those messages of health (via optimal gene expression) by eating according to your body’s natural instruction manual.”

from the book, Nutrigenomics, by Mark Hyman, MD

Here’s another great quote about how nutrition effects genetic expression.

“It is an interesting fact that the cells in your body can also genetically shift due to the intake of nutrients that you eat. What you eat can literally change the form and genetic function of your cells. There have been experiments with identical twins in mice, both having exactly the same DNA, that were fed different diets. One mouse grew shiny brown fur and was skinny, the other grew light gold fur and was fat and sickly. The only difference between the two mice was in what they ate.”

 The Science of Healing Revealed, by Gary Samuelson, Ph.D.

In other words, nutrition determines genetic expression!

“The way food affects your genes is hard-wired and cannot be changed.”

In other words, the most influential thing we do every day is what we eat. What we choose to eat affects every organ, system and cell in our body.

The relationship between nutrition and health is not casual, it’s causal.

Cells are amazing! Cells live amazing lives! The cells inside our own body perform countless miracles every second of every day. We need to take better care of our cells.

Time heals all wounds once we find and do the things that nourish our cells best!

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