Physical Health is the foundation upon which we build the rest of our lives. The quality of our physical health is determined by the quality of the life of our cells.

Cells are amazing! Cells live amazing lives! The cells inside our own body perform countless miracles every second of every day. We need to take better care of our cells.

The relationship between nutrition and health is not casual it’s causal. What nourishes our cells best, nourishes us best.

For the body to work, each cell needs to maintain its integrity as an independent being, yet be devoted to the health of the whole.

Each cell is a living individual, a sentient being that has its own life and functions but interacts with other cells in the nature of a community.

Cells not only teach us about the mechanisms of life but also teach us how to live rich full lives.

Time heals all wounds when we find and do the things that nourish our cells best!

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