Root Cause Area #3: Macronutrient Imbalances

Root Cause Area #3 addresses the issue of what we eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The actual whole or processed foods on our plates or in our bowls.

We consume too much processed food; too much party food, snack food, junk food. We eat too fast. We eat too often. We eat too much. When the digestive system is stressed from overwork, instead of converting our food nutrients to energy (its primary function) it converts our food nutrients to fat. We must chew more and eat less. We must find the correct balance between and among whole food sources of protein, complex carbohydrates and fat. We must eat less and chew more.

The simple shift away from most sources of processed grain products; including most forms of bread and breakfast cereal and towards the consumption of one or two servings a day of organic quality cooked whole grains, like brown rice, whole oats and whole barley, along with a variety of organic quality cooked root and cruciferous vegetables, will go a long way in improving our daily diets.

Much more on this subject in the days ahead.

Food is the soil from which the tree of our own life is grown.

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