The first principle in our Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition Health model is this: the body is constantly healing itself. Every cell in our body is genetically programmed to detect problems, protect and defend, cleanse and detoxify, take in vital nutrients, function normally and eliminate metabolic waste products safely and efficiently. As we have been saying for weeks: cells are amazing!

When it comes to the relationship between the health of our whole body and what we eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, supplements, medications, and everything else that impacts our physiology; water, other beverages, sleep and rest, movement and exercise, the air we breathe, the environment, our work, job, career, money, financial security, relationships, communication; in other words: almost EVERYTHING that impacts us in any way, shape or form…

Nothing is neutral.

Nothing we do, take into our bodies or interface with in any way; is neutral.

Nothing has a neutral impact.

Everything is either helpful or harmful.

Everything is either complementary or insulting. Everything is either contributing to the restoration or optimization of normal healthy functioning of our organs, systems and cells or it’s not. And if it is not, it is actively blocking or preventing or impeding our body’s ability to function normally. If it is harmful or insulting it is actively contributing to the process of degeneration and dis-ease in our body.

Health is the presence of vitality, flexibility and ease.

Illness is the lack of vitality, flexibility and ease.

The proof of any degenerative process having taken up residence in our body is the lack of vitality, flexibility and ease.

This is why it is called disease. Dis-ease.

All disease has the same root causes.

The way to reverse all dis-ease is to stop doing the things that make us sick and to start doing the things that make us well and healthy.

Health is defined by the presence of vitality, flexibility and ease.

All truly successful health and healing programs have certain principles and practices in common. This is because we share a common physiology.

In my next blog I am going to begin a conversation about the Habits that Harm and the Habits that Heal, especially as these habits relate to and impact upon our digestive systems.

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