Maxine’s Story: Acute Diverticulitis

As a woman’s health-care nurse-practitioner, I never realized the severity of my acute diverticulitis in August 2003. Due to a high tolerance for pain, I thought I had a simple urinary tract infection. After that test proved negative, I ended up having a CT scan. In fact, I ended up having three CT scans, at a cost of over $5,000 to assess the source of my pain. (Due to my high tolerance to pain, the only way to assess my condition/progress was by CT scan.) The doctors found that I had acute diverticulitis with fistulas extending from the sigmoid colon to the rectum. I was advised to go from the CTScan department via my surgeon to the operating room, at which time I was supposed to have six inches of my intestines removed (from the descending colon) and to get a colostomy bag. Instead of surgery, I found Russell, through a mutual friend, Joanne Dinnie (head GI nurse at Baystate Medical Center , in Springfield , Massachusetts ). Russell, in my opinion, is a bowel health genius . After just five weeks following his program I felt almost fully recovered. A colonoscopy done in December 2003 showed no inflammation at all. I have no doubt that as long as I continue to do the things I have learned from Russell, my intestinal condition will continue to improve and regenerate. It is now July 2004, and I continue to consult with him on a regular basis. I have no pain and I am symptom-free.

Maxine Costa, RN MSN/BSN/APRN

Note: It is now March 2006 and I continue to speak with Maxine on a regular basis. She continues to be pain-free and symptom-free. She is doing just great! Now our conversations focus primarily on the referrals she sends me from the two women’s health care centers where she works. RM

Maxine Costa