Martha’s Story: Ulcerative Proctitis

I experienced rancid smelling and uncomfortable gas. I was experiencing pain every time I ate. I was running to the bathroom with blood and mucous over and over throughout the day, every time I ate or drank anything, even water, and even when I didn’t eat or drink anything. Besides the blood and mucous, the bowel movements were often accompanied by painful cramping. The bowel movements were always “urgent” meaning that I could never be far from a bathroom and I
had a few mortifying experiences where I didn’t make it in time. I was always bloated and uncomfortable. I was exhausted all the time and barely able to function.

I had a colonoscopy in December, 2006 and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Proctitis. I had stool samples taken and comprehensive blood tests. I was given hydrocortisone suppositories which made my skin break out, messed up my period and didn’t improve my symptoms at all, in fact they slowly got worse. Then I was given Canasa suppositories and another steroidal suppository which didn’t help either. Then I was put on two different antibiotics for several weeks. The antibiotics didn’t make me worse but they didn’t help either. By now it was mid-February, 2007 and all of my symptoms were worse. My GI doctor didn’t seem to be listening to me, was condescending when he spoke to me and only offered more medications. When they didn’t work he made me feel like it was all my fault. I clearly wasn’t getting better so I stopped seeing him.

I started weekly acupuncture treatments in January, 2007 and although my physical symptoms did not improve it did help with my mental and emotional stress. In April, I started seeing an herbalist who was the first ray of hope in my healing process. She was a good listener and took time to explain things to me. I got some minor relief of my symptoms after taking some herbs and following her dietary recommendations. In May I went to see a Psychic who directed me to go and see Russell Mariani speak at the upcoming Whole Health Expo.

I bought his book, read it cover to cover and immediately began working with him and the Intestinal Regeneration Program via phone and email. I followed the program to the letter. When I got worried that things weren’t improving fast enough (for me) he would gently remind me that there were always more things to try, current things to adjust, and most importantly that every body had its own unique timetable for healing. He would say; “You are going to heal and get well, I just don’t know exactly when. Be patient. Keep doing the things that nourish you best and healing will happen. Trust your body.” Slowly but surely I started to recover. The diet he suggested calmed down my system. The colon cleanse he guided me through resulted in the first formed bowel movements I had had in months. The supplements he suggested helped my body heal. As the summer months progressed, my symptoms became bearable. I had much longer spans of time between bathroom runs and I was able to start doing some of the things I enjoy like hiking.

It was late September, 2007 that I had my first completely symptom-free day. I think it was the 20 extra alpha sun (blue green algae) capsules I was taking for all those weeks that finally pushed me over the edge and helped my body to heal completely. By October, 2007 it had almost been one full year since the onset of symptoms. I was eating normal foods again with no signs of the illness. I am now symptom-free (November, 2007), energetic, healthy and happy. It’s wonderful and fabulous! In fact, I think I am healthier than I have ever been in my life. I was a size 12 when I met you and now I am a healthy size 2. I continue to take the Essentials and other supplements and follow the complementary dietary habits you suggest.

As I write this, Thanksgiving is only a few days away. I am looking forward to eating all of the wonderful foods our family shares on that day without worrying about them making me ill. And I will be thinking about you Russell and giving thanks to you and your program and your guidance and support and your patience for helping me to recover my health and get my life back! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!