Kim’s Story: IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Constipation

Where do I possibly begin? My symptoms go back at least 20 years. I had chronic constipation, chronic fatigue, reactions to most everything I ate, bloating, clogging and energetically “switching” of polarities. One medical test many years ago diagnosed me with Epstein Barr virus. One Specialist suggested that I needed something to make me feel happy. My response was; “How about we start with my physical health!” I have tried many things over the years but nothing has worked consistently until your program.

I have pretty much tried every herb, homeopathic remedy, and ayurvedic supplement on the market (or so it seems) from at least twice a month visits to some form of alternative healer for 20 years. I did colonics on a regular basis (twice a week, in the beginning, monthly until I started with you) for over 10 years. Also, chiropractic adjustments, crystal healings, past life healings, shamanic healings and other energetic healings of various kinds; whatever I could find (Austin
has it all). Plus many different cleansers including the Master Cleanse several times, lots of parasite cleanses; and many health diets: Fit for Life, McDougal, Vegetarian Diet.

Colonics definitely gave relief to being backed up but they are not a permanent solution. And I tended to wait until I hadn’t had any movement for days and reached constant nausea levels before I’d try to get an emergency visit. Herbs seemed to help for a while but I was constantly getting different results (via applied kinesiology which was the method of choice by most practitioners) so I was switching products constantly and building up drawers full of partially used
product. There was usually some relief with these products but I still would react to food (by bloating and clogging and breakouts) and the variety of food I was reacting to kept increasing although I was eating a healthier diet than almost everyone I knew. The energetic stuff was fun and fascinating; slow going though. I do believe the energetic healing in the Sufi way with a connection to God is tremendously helpful.

In the early days (20 years back), I just slept most of the time and relied on caffeine products to function at all. I realized just how addicted I was when I went home for a visit and my mother commented on how many sodas I drank and I found myself sneaking to the refrigerator, downing soda and hiding the cans on that visit. That was sort of a new low. I found a great herbal product that lessened the caffeine need (by substituting ma huang) but it has since been banned by the FDA.

So as you can see I was pretty serious about getting better and I invested a lot of time, money and resources into healing myself but the truth was after 20 years of trying almost everything I was not getting better, I was getting worse. A friend sent an email raving about Scott Ohlgren’s 28 day cleanse. I contacted Scott with my history and was referred to Russell Mariani. As I had been praying in desperation to God for a permanent solution to my health woes the night before I took this as a very positive sign.

I started working with Russell and his program in April 2007. I started noticing a significant improvement in my condition within a day or two of starting the watercure which I found very encouraging. It is now November 2007 and I am mostly normal for the first time in 20 years. Are things perfect? No, but that’s because I vary in my levels of commitment to the complementary habits Russell taught me. When I practice them consistently I get great results and feel much better. When I am inconsistent, well, my body lets me know it.

Stuff that stuck: exercise, blue green algae, the Essentials and Spectrabiotics, cooked grains, cooked vegetables, sit to eat, chew well, don’t eat late at night, avoid cold foods, extra blue green algae as needed, Formula 1 as needed, proper daily hydration, etc.

Emotionally, I have been great, consistently. I never stopped practicing gratitude. Even ran into my ex and was great, was not thrown off balance as I was in the past. Oh, I had beets the other day and my transit time is still on track meaning I am not constipated. I cook mostly in my
stainless steel cookware, never microwave now. I am very happy that I can wear the half of my clothes that I couldn’t wear in the midst of the cleanse last year due to the bloating and discomfort. My skin is clear only the rosacea patch on my cheek has not yet cleared up entirely but it is much improved.

Everything in my life and health has improved greatly. I am very thankful. I am most appreciative of how Russell worked with me. His gentle but firm insistence along with so many helpful insights along the way, and his patient confidence knowing and trusting that I would heal. I highly recommend his program.

Kim Klotz