Emma and Rachel’s Story: Ulcerative Colitis

Hi Emma,

Thanks so much for talking to Rachel. People get encouraged and start to feel hopeful when they read the testimonials of others on my website but they become even more hopeful when a person takes the time to reach out and talk to them personally on the phone. So thank you very much for doing that!

Russell Mariani

Hi Russell,

I spoke to Rachel an hour or so ago. I feel so bad for her. It sounds like she is having a heck of a time with Ulcerative Colitis. I told her that I was diagnosed in 2001 and had been dealing with Ulcerative Colitis since then and that I came upon your website back in 2007. At that time, I became a client of yours but I didn’t follow your coaching and guidelines. I stopped after a couple of months of making progress. I contacted you again in October of 2015 because my symptoms had returned. I told her that this time I thought about following your protocol on my own FOR ONE DAY, but I knew deep in my heart that if I didn’t have access to call you and for you to coach me through this, that I know I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am doing so good and I am so happy! Rachel should be able to heal quicker than me since she was diagnosed in 2011. She will see a big difference with your help. I hope she contacts you soon so she can start her healing program. I know today that my problem was eating processed foods. I thought that since it said ‘gluten free’ that I was eating the right stuff. I also understand something else now. Consequently, I stopped reading all of those books that state this or that diet will help Ulcerative Colitis. No Way…I am eating whole foods, doing the water cure, taking the Essentials, drinking ASEA, Spectrabiotics and chewing my food from now on. And now I GET IT!

Thanks to you!

Emma and Rachel