David’s Story (from Australia) Ulcerative Proctitis

I was initially diagnosed with Ulcerative Proctitis by a medical specialist who works for a large hospital in Brisbane , Queensland ( Australia ). I was misdiagnosed by many doctors as having piles or hemorrhoids. I passed way too much blood when I went to the toilet for that. In fact the toilet bowl was constantly covered in blood. I was beginning to get very nervous and concerned. I didn’t pursue any medications. I however did try a steroidal cream for a while that I used some
6-7 tubes of cream with no success and it was very expensive. I tried suppositories with no success. I had bloating, gas, blood in my stools, constant irritation in my intestines to go to the toilet several times during the day. Feeling so uneasy all the time, my stomach problems gradually affected my self-confidence and self-esteem. I was preoccupied and distracted all the time with a problem I could not solve with doctors or discuss with anyone else.

I was starting to feel desperate, so I went to the internet looking for help. I found some testimonials from some of Russell’s clients, emailed him, then phoned him. After talking with him,I started to feel hopeful again, and confident that he would be able to help me.

Because of some employment challenges (I was a pilot and had to quit because the gas and bloating was so bad in flight I thought I was going to explode), I wasn’t able to start Russell’s program right away and it was frustrating. But once I was able to follow his program consistently, some really good things started to happen. Things started to turn around for me some 2-3 months into the program, constantly watching what I was eating, hydration, probiotics, and the intestinal formula supplements. Eating and chewing food more thoroughly and really getting the nutrients out of my food also helped a lot.

It has now been six months since I first started working with Russell. My digestive system has never worked better! I have learned so much in such a short time. The most important thing I have learned is this: that my intestinal health is totally up to me. My condition has improved dramatically. No more signs of blood. I have consistent, regular, normal bowel functioning. I have less anxiety in my life and I worry less about my future. I now play golf again and run almost 2 miles every day and I haven’t had any signs of sciatica or back pain which used to bother me a lot.

I have lost around 20 pounds since starting the program with Russell. It really does come down to the foods I eat and how careful or attentive I am when I eat. This is a great thing because my intestinal health is no longer some unsolvable mystery!

Thanks Russell, you really know what you’re talking about.

David, age 27
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
December, 2006

Note from Russell: This is a great example about the effectiveness of my program over great distances and the power of the internet and the power of some traditional spiritual principles. Seek and you will find. Ask and you will receive. I just spoke to David the other night (my Tuesday night, his Wednesday morning), and was so encouraged to hear him speak so easily about his symptoms (and lack thereof) and his renewed sense of self confidence. I told him how proud I was of him, for the courageous changes he has made and for the great progress he has achieved. I went back in his file, and found the original email message he sent me back in February, 2006. Notice the change in the tone of his original message, compared to the testimonial he recently wrote, above. When you become more proactive in your own self-care, it is transformational.

To: russellmariani@verizon.net
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006, 3:44 pm
Subject: Ulcerative Proctitis

Hi Russell,

I live in Australia . How can you help me? I am a pilot and pressurization is a major problem for me because my stomach keeps cramping up, causing such flatulence and pain, meaning I can’t continue flying. I have heard of pilots who had gastro enteritis and they have almost killed themselves mid-flight due to the pressure that builds up in their stomach. I have been using an anti-inflammatory herb but it doesn’t really work, well not yet anyway. I used to have depression.
I am going on my last month of using Zoloft and my mental state is excellent compared to where it was 6 months ago. I have always had a problem with constipation as a child, always had problems when going to the toilet at friend’s homes. I think it was more of a nervous disorder than anything else. I am 27 years old. My symptoms are blood in my stools, diarrhea, urgency to go and increased frequency, cramped stomach, burning sensation from time to time, lethargy. What program do you have that I could try? How much does it cost? Please let me know. Thanks very much for your time.

Yours faithfully,