Claudia’s Story: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I am a 47 year-old woman who lives in New England. I am a part time meta-physical minister and work for a bank from home as my full time job. I have been healthy and active my whole life. My symptoms started on September 7, 2012 which, as I write this is now two and a half years ago. My symptoms seemed to have come out of nowhere, with no apparent cause but left me literally flat on my back nearing a total loss of consciousness. The symptoms were intense abdominal pain that could be liver pain as it presents in the area of liver. Along with that I also experienced strong nausea and light-headedness and a cold clammy sweat from head to toe. These symptoms would come after a big healthy breakfast and several normal bowel movements. The curious thing is that I would have this same breakfast for months at a time without incident; then all of a sudden, I would have one of these scary episodes about three times a year.

The episode would  last anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours and once over I would feel as if it never happened; meaning I would feel completely well again. Sometimes I would lose consciousness and sometimes not. Typically I would be able to lay down either in bed or on the bathroom floor to avoid passing out.

During this same time period I was taken to the hospital three or four times for these episodes and once I was admitted. I have also had some other very strange symptoms that may or may not be related to these episodes; I have been diagnosed with MGUS (Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance) FGPs (Fundic Gland or Stomach Polyps) and Vasovagal Syncope. I had two 5mm masses in one lung, an enlarged lymph node under my right arm, Mono-nucleosis, Elevated Sedimentation Rates, D-dimer (fragments after a blood clot), elevated liver enzymes and abnormal activity on both sides of my brain.

Just before I found Russell I was about to have my first colonoscopy as my digestive system had become sluggish and constipated and uncomfortable, something I had never before experienced. My B12 and sodium levels had been low during this same period. I have seen all of the following doctors and practitioners in an attempt to get answers; a homeopathic physician, a nutritionist, a rheumatologist, an oncologist/hematologist, a pulmonologist, two different GI doctors and a neurologist.

During this same two and a half year period (before I found Russell) I had deliberately lost 50 pounds, stopped drinking diet soda, ate a mostly vegan diet and enjoyed a wonderful daily spiritual practice. Even with all that, I was not able to stop these horrible episodes. I did much research on digestion and all of my medically diagnosed conditions and finally came across a website where people where speaking about what had helped them. I found the name “Russell Mariani” and the title of his book, Healing Digestive Illness.  I ordered the digital copy right then and there. As soon as I received the ebook, I read it cover to cover in two days and then phoned to set up an Initial Consultation with Russell.

This was back in March of 2014. I started on his regimen of ASEA and the supplements (which I continue to do to this day), and of course the watercure.  We did various cleanses and I followed his plan of eating. All of the changes I made during Russell’s program worked to relieve all of my digestive symptoms.

I no longer have the MGUS diagnosis. One of the masses in my lung has gone away completely and the other has not grown any larger, neither has the lymph node. All my blood-work returned to normal except for the B12 for which I now take sub-lingual supplements. I still have had a few isolated episodes, but in between episodes I have not felt this good in many years.

I recently started to take a very small dose of medication for the syncope per the suggestion of my doctor, which I agreed to reluctantly. I am looking forward to staying with Russell’s regimen of ASEA and other supplements for the reminder of my life along with meditation and exercise and a very small dose of medicine to address the syncope as needed.

I would highly recommend anyone who is having digestive issues to work with Russell. His extensive knowledge, caring attitude and daily attention during my program was the very thing I needed to propel me into a new wonderful level of health and well-being and I will be forever grateful to Russell and Megan.

Claudia Acerra