Charlotte’s Story – Chronic Constipation and Colonic Inertia

I am 44 years old and work part-time as a Dental Hygienist. I had been suffering for many years with chronic constipation. About 5 years ago it became much worse. Not just being constipated but every time I ate, my stomach became so distended, I looked nine months pregnant, feeling so sick and in so much pain. This became such a debilitating and sad situation. My roles as wife, mother and medical professional were all being adversely affected by my condition.

I had numerous tests, such as CT-Scans, MRI’s, Colonoscopies and other tests and yet nobody could really tell me what was going on or how to fix it. I was told it was severe gas, constipation. I tried many different medications such as Linzess. They only made me feel worse. After three years, I demanded that my doctors look inside at my intestines via laparoscopic surgery to possibly discover something.

The doctors did discover I had scar tissue (possibly from having my appendix removed in the past) wrapped around my small intestine. This was suffocating my small intestine causing intermittent blockage and could potentially kill me. I was so relieved and happy that the doctors were finally able to find something and repair it! After the surgery, I thought my life would be back to normal but that was not the case. By that point, I was completely dependent on all sorts of laxatives, colon hydrotherapy and more. I was so uncomfortable all the time!

I was so sick of living this way!

When I met with my third GI doctor, I was told my situation was so severe, she called it “colonic inertia.” After 8 months of tests and different medications, she was not even sure the “inertia” was confined to just my large intestine. By the end of the 8 months of testing, medications and therapies she told me there was nothing else she could do for me. I might even end up with a colon resection and a colostomy bag. I will never forget this day. I felt my life was over! I was depressed, anxious and felt so alone! I wanted to live my life to the fullest, be a great mom to my wonderful children and a great wife to my loving, supporting husband but I was not able to.

I started researching about my condition. It was so scary and very grim what I was reading about colonic inertia! I truly believed I was dying. I am a person of faith and so I prayed! And then I saw the name “Russell Mariani” in one of my computer searches. This is when my life changed forever. I read a testimonial on his website of a woman in a similar situation to mine and Russell had helped her.

The next day I emailed my story to Russell and within 10 minutes he responded to me. I was amazed at his quick response, hopeful but afraid as well. This was my last resort!

I started Russell’s plan in April 2016. I was not sure at first if I would be able to do it but with the support of my family I decided to go ahead. I must say, Russell has been absolutely amazing. I do not know of any healer, health care provider; whatever you may call it, who is so attentive and compassionate, checking daily and staying on top of everything no matter what the question or symptom.

My process took time and probably longer than most with some struggles along the way but Russell never gave up. I actually saw some positive changes pretty quickly but the overall process took a long time for me.

The key is to follow Russell’s plan.

Today, I do have quality of life! No anxiety over belly pain. No more bloating and looking nine months pregnant. I have not used laxatives since April 2016. I have no more constipation, and my bloating and belly pain are gone. I do have occasional GI issues but now I am in tune with my body and know this is not permanent and I know what to do when the symptoms start to reappear.

Russell’s program is based on sound natural principles and protocols designed to heal an ailing colon and body. I will continue to use all of the recommended supplements and dietary protocols because they work.

Russell has taught me so much. Natural ways of healing the body, not harsh chemicals were the answer for me and I am forever grateful to him.

If you are currently suffering as I once was, never give up and think there is no help. My life has improved so much.

I am so grateful Russell came into my life when he did. As I mentioned earlier, I have never met anyone who truly cared so much and was so concerned about my well-being. I highly recommend Russell and his program.