Aley’s Story – Chronic Constipation and Colonic Inertia

Hi 🙂 My name is Aley, and I have been dealing with chronic bowel problems for about 5 years now. I am 24 years old and weigh about 97 pounds, my height is 5’2 1/2. These past three years I have had chronic constipation, chronic trapped gas, chronic discomfort, fatigue and no appetite.

I have recently been diagnosed with Colonic Inertia, not sure if I released any markers.I am taking Miralax right now, which provides very minimal relief. I usually have to do a few water enemas a week to ease the discomfort. My diet right now consists of relaxing, yoga, walking, lots of water, homemade chicken broth, raw vegetable and fruit juices, raw cow butter, raw cow milk and cream, raw goat milk and homemade kefir, homemade raw nut milks, raw nut butters, homemade fermented vegetables and some grass fed meats and fresh fish.

I barely eat anything now, since I never have any appetite and always have so much discomfort. Consuming more liquidized foods eases some discomfort. The only way for me to maintain my weight is with hypo-allergenic protein shakes, raw dairy and good fats (coconut oil, raw butter, olive oil, flax oil).

I have honestly tried everything! I have had moments of improvement, but always after a few days, I am back right where I started. I have had probably every colon test out there. I had my second colonoscopy last week, and the doctor said it looked ok, but was enlarged with many sharp turns…whatever that means. I will be seeing another doctor in a week to discuss possible surgery if things do not improve.

My life has revolved these past few years around my bowels, and it has been a rough journey, and I am still ready to take any step necessary to bring this body relief. I am always researching and always trying to improve my diet etc, but it seems I am only getting worse. I cannot remember the last time I felt good or had a normal bowel movement. The doctors think it’s not a big deal not having daily bowel movements, but I truly feel awful all the time.

My husband and I have come to think that surgery is the best option, but we are still willing to try anything that gives hope for chronic constipation relief and healing. I have done a lot of research on Colonic Inertia, and from what I have read it’s not curable! I read two testimonials on your website of two women who have Colonic Inertia and found a lot of relief with your program. We ordered your book yesterday, but I am not sure if a phone consult would be more beneficial.

Here is a detailed list of everything I have tried and things I am still doing. I am sorry it is so long, but I hope the more info I give you, you will be able to point out things I could be doing wrong.

Things I have tried:Anti-depressants, fiber supplements (Metamucil, etc), stool softeners (Colace), laxatives (Ex Lax, Dulcolax, Senna, Epsom Salts), osmotic (Miralax), saline laxatives (Milk of Magnesium), coffee and salt water enemas, liver flushes, aloe vera, cod liver oil (3 tsp. daily), exercise 20-30 minutes daily (walking, yoga, deep stretching), high fiber diets (vegetables, grains, greens and fruit)…have always made things worse, drink more than eight glasses of 8oz of water daily, take more than enough time to relax and sit on toilet to have a bowel movement, drink prune juice with warm water every morning, eat only organic, hormone and antibiotic free meats and vegetables, homeopathic supplements that support GI function, supplements that support neurotransmitters function, massage therapy on abdomen, acupuncture, warm baths, relaxation, IV therapy to detoxify the bowels of toxins, tried to get rid of infection and inflammation of intestines due to food intolerances and bad bacteria overgrowth. I am prone to get food intolerances very quickly, eat small frequent meals to try to have normal bm’s, low blood sugar control for my hypoglycemia, juicing, and eat bowel regulating meals, correcting my hypothyroid (T3 & T4, progesterone cream and estrogen cream) with natural bio-identical hormones (not synthetic), pelvic floor therapy for my pelvic floor dysfunction and small rectocele. I tried weekly colonics/ colon-hydrotherapy for about six weeks. I take probiotics daily (Natren Brand) along with fermented foods and raw dairy. I have Gammaglobulin shots every three weeks to strengthen my immune system. I have bio-cranial adjustments to help nerves flow better throughout my body so my bowels could function properly.

I AVOID ALL pasteurized dairy and fruit juices, all processed sugar, processed foods, hormone and antibiotic grain fed meats, pesticide sprayed vegetables and fruit, GMO’s, toasted nuts, bad fats, all gluten. I am seeing a Naturopathic doctor currently for about 9 months now who specializes in bowel problems, with no improvement, even after taking many different bowel supplements that were supposed to help.

There are many more things I have tried, but I don’t want to exhaust you. Hope you can help me. Tests I have had done: Lower GI, Upper GI, Food Allergy Blood Test, Food Allergy prick test, tested thyroid and hormones, neurotransmitter tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, scans, many other blood tests and stool tests.

Thanks again Russell. I am praying there is still hope for my stubborn bowels.