Lorrie’s Story – Proctitis

When I began the program I was bleeding from hemorrhoids as well as intermittently bleeding from proctitis, depending upon what I had eaten. However, at the time I was not able to determine the offending foods. Almost every meal left me belching soon afterwards. Nothing seemed to sit well with me and I would often have gas and bloating. Because I was bleeding I got started on the IF#2. I got up to 3 doses a day, but I was feeling more bloated than ever and my BMs were not effortless. Also, the quantity was not enough even though I had a movement 3-4 times a day and was taking 2 capsules of IF#1 as well. Hoping to relieve the bloating and gets things moving through me a bit quicker, I discontinued using the IF#2. The bloating did diminish, but I later discovered that the real culprit of the bloating was improperly cooked grains. Once I was able to properly cook brown rice, the belching stopped and I lost 2 inches of belly bloat. For the past 5 days I have been taking only IF#1 (2 capsules a night) and things are starting to progress. The quantity of BM has increased and my stomach is calm and content after meals, unless I mistakenly choose a harmful food. This has been by trial and error. The other day I found out that soy milk causes me to have gas and bloating. The addition of properly cooked brown rice has helped me tremendously. I feel energized and content after meals and I don’t get hungry between meals. The BM situation is still not ideal, but it is heading in that direction!