Healing Digestive Illness is an absolute masterpiece. Russell Mariani simplifies and brings clarity to the confusing world of health and nutrition. Many of us have no idea where to start when improving our health or attempting to heal ourselves from chronic degenerative conditions.  This book is the best place to begin. It will truly change your life!
Laura Hardy, Wellness Educator

Healing Digestive Illness is the work of a lifetime that emerged from the shallows of personal suffering and doubt and grew into a body of knowledge and a depth of experience capable of teaching others how to heal themselves from the full spectrum of digestive system disorders.  Russell Mariani has for three decades descended into the human body to listen to it and learn its language.  Throughout the book you can see the evidence of this in the confidence and courage of his voice.  It is the sound of someone who truly understands the mysteries of self-healing. The more I read, the more it became clear how trusting he is of his own body and how wise he is to instruct us all to focus on doing the things that nourish us best.  It is a shame that so many people suffer from so many digestive system disorders, for these disorders distract and warp the human spirit and prevent us from reaching our full potential. The gift of Healing Digestive Illnessis that it describes a clear path away from these many difficulties and a step-by-step approach to a healthier way of life.
Dan Shanahan, Poet, Author, Lotus Seed Poems, and Alaska Poems.

As a clinical nutritionist, I find that addressing digestive issues is of primary importance.  Russell’s book, Healing Digestive Illness, is such a wonderful resource for my clients to support their ongoing education process. Russell’s direct and simple approach helps clients to be proactive in looking at their dietary and lifestyle habits and inspires them to make the conscious effort to change. His openness about his own personal experiences as well as the many stories of his clients offers hope to many in distress. Since reading Russell’s book, I have become a fan of the watercure and recommend it to all. I am grateful for Russell’s expertise and highly recommend that everyone reads his book!
Carol Patti, MS Clinical Nutrition

I’ve read many health care books over the last 30 years. Healing Digestive Illness is the best written book on IBS I’ve ever read. It is well researched, organized and written in layman’s terms. I often found myself stopping to reflect on the wisdom contained on each page. This is the information on IBS that I’ve been looking for most of my adult life. I finally found it all contained in one easy to read book. A must read for anyone with digestive disease.
Harold Wilson, Redmond, WA

I feel so empowered to share about how to achieve my health goals, now that your book  (Healing Digestive Illness) is out.  I have already purchased 15 more to share with family and friends!
Allyson Gernandt, Bryson City, North Carolina

Mr. Mariani has an unmatched knowledge of how the human body functions. His simple, easy to understand method of writing truly demystifies the way the digestive system works, why things go wrong and, most importantly, how to heal them. This book, Healing Digestive Illness, is as entertaining as it is informative and important.
Jim Parker, President and CEO, Brushfoil LLC, Guilford, CT

Healing Digestive Illness is great.  I am already knee deep into my copy and I handed out the other two to friends to read! The book contains all your clarity, love, emphasis, knowledge, style; so perfectly woven and so helpful.   see and hear words and phrases in the book that I remember hearing from your seminars in the early 1990’s. Those seminars started me on a journey of learning about health and nutrition by helping me to under-stand what was really going on in my body. I use your fundamental approach and basic explanations with nearly every person I sponsor on a path to better health. Thank you for writing this book!
Linda Dewing, Providence, Rhode Island

I have two new favorite words in my vocabulary. “Imagine that!” I will be honest with you. I did not think I was going to enjoy reading this book. I imagined that the information would be dense, technical, medicalese.  I figured I would scan the book and check out the illustrations.  Boy was I pleasantly surprised!  My attention and imagination were captured from page one. Your writing style is direct, personal, engaging and easy to understand.  I will definitely read the entire book and I look forward to implementing your suggestions. Imagine that!
John Richards, President, Valley Marketing Inc. Easthampton, MA

Awesome book!  You have already touched so many lives…Wonder what’s going to happen now?!!!
Lynette Brannon, Peace Coach, Certified Traeger Practitioner, Austin, TX

Congratulations Russell for creating such a FACT based, simple and comprehensive blueprint about how to take command of your own intestinal and overall health! It empowers and strengthens people to take action and become independent and responsible and not be at the mercy of the medical establishment. Healing Digestive Illness is a liberating and self-fulfilling program/adventure that everyone should embark upon. I met you in 2003 and following your suggestions I have dramatically improved the quality of my life and my health!
Mike Roscigno, Long Valley, New Jersey

(Message left on answering service.)  Russell? This is Charlotte Newcorn. I was just at my Acupuncturist yesterday, (Anthony Phillips of Arlington, MA) and he gave me your book, Healing Digestive Illness, and I’ve been reading it and I just wanted you to know that it blew my mind. I am 75 years old and have suffered digestive problems for years and have never read anything so easily understandable in my whole life.  I would like to send three copies of your book to my three daughters.  How do I place an order?
Charlotte Newcorn, Salem, MA

Thank you Russell.  I’ve just had a chance to get into your remarkable book, which is exceedingly useful on every page I’ve read.  An excellent beginning, “so that your own digestive system in your own body will heal itself” (p.5). This goes back to Gilgamesh before Hippocrates and several early Taoist physicians. This is the solid philosophy underpinning your book and makes it immediately available to every reader. I’m recommending it to all.  Congratulations!
David Gordon, Alna, Maine

I love your book! It has a nice blend of science and logic, words of wisdom, humor and common sense and your own story. All these things make it a very interesting read.  Through your own struggles, you show how, through the years, you learned how to heal yourself and now are able to share your knowledge and experience with others in printed form. Not only do you teach about the workings of the digestive system, but the book also helps the reader understand the importance of the mind/body connection. After going through the program with you, I can say that your recommendations become something you want to do for yourself in order to live a healthier and happier life! Thank you for providing us all with this wealth of information and great references to explore.
Suzanne Faulkner, Granby, Connecticut

What a fantastic job you have done with your book Healing Digestive Illness!
This book ties all the pieces of self-healing and wellness together like no other!
I have already told several others about your book and now my mother wants to buy 5 copies and have them sent to my 5 brothers and sisters who live in 5 different locations.  Congratulations on your masterpiece!
John Young, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I love this book!  I love how you introduce all these ideas and how you don’t preach about being some ideal weight or that people need to be vegetarian, but emphasize our personal choices and that if one goes through the steps you suggest they’ll be able to eat whatever they want and hopefully they will make wiser choices based on their new experiences. Another thing I love about your book is that not only do you give suggestions, but you tell us where to purchase all the products and services you mention.  Your Resources Section at the end of the book is outstanding. Healing Digestive Illness is easy to read and understand, extremely informative but not preachy and it contains simple solutions for improved digestive health which I know can contribute greatly to our overall health and well-being.
Terri Edwards, Pine Lake, Georgia

There are many things in this book that separate it and elevate it above the rest, and here is one of them: The emphasis on teaching you the importance of how you eat not just what you eat. Our relationship to the choices around food selection, preparation, consumption and digestion is the key to optimizing our digestive system health; and Healing Digestive Illnessexplains it better and more completely than any other.
William T. Farnsworth, Old Lyme, Connecticut