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  • Are you looking for solid, actionable information on healing digestive illness for yourself or for a loved one?
  • Are you tired of combing through article after article online, trying to sort out which information is useful and which information is useless, incorrect, or harmful?
  • Would it help you to hear from someone whose knowledge about digestive wellness comes from both their own journey and their personal study and research?

Then you can’t afford to miss the book, Healing Digestive Illness, by Russell Mariani.

About the Book

Healing Digestive Illness is a book that came out of the personal journey and knowledge of Russell Mariani. It all started when he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and the medical community didn’t have much to offer. After Russell found relief for himself, he began sharing the principles he had learned with others who were also suffering from digestive illness.

The first edition of the book was written in 2006 and is the fruit of Russell’s work with many people since 1980. The second edition of the book came out in 2015 and is a fully revised and updated edition with 283 pages.

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What You’ll Learn

You’ll love the way that this book takes you through a comprehensive look at digestive illness and what you can do to not just manage your symptoms but achieve true inner abdominal tranquility when you implement the principles that you’ll learn. It’s written in an easy reading style with lots of stories and illustrations to hold your interest and show you how these things have worked for others. Here is just a brief look at some of the things you’ll learn.

  • Root causes of digestive system problems (and how to address them)
  • Understanding of the digestive system and the ideal bowel movement, from the individual cellular machinery to the overall structure and function of your small and large intestines
  • A 3-Phase Intestinal Regeneration Program, complete with detailed instructions that anyone can follow to find bowel relief
  • Specific information about foods that will be kind to your digestion and help with your intestinal regeneration
  • Details about probiotics, toxins, supplements, enzymes, and all the micro-level nutrients that affect your digestion
  • Recipes for foods that will help you to recover and become symptom-free

There is much, much more in this amazing book, so don’t hesitate to get your copy today.

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