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“Russell Mariani is on a mission to help us get healthy. He has put years of experience, experimentation and passion for healing into this comprehensive step-by-step program for intestinal regeneration. His knowledge and wisdom on the subject, combined with his down-to-earth, practical approach and endlessly enthusiastic and encouraging attitude, make Healing Digestive Illness a must-have for anyone who is ready, or even just wanting-to-be ready to heal.”

Abby Seixas, psychotherapist and author, Finding the Deep River Within: A Woman’s Guide to Recovering Balance and Meaning in Everyday Life

“There is no doubt in my mind that there are countless people who will literally transform their health through this clear and unique approach to digestive wellness.  This book allows the reader insight into healing and recovery that inspires hope, at levels that most feel is impossible.  I have personally applied many of Russell’s principles into my own life and the lives of many of my patients.  The results have compelled me to continue to seek for deeper understanding and ongoing personal progress.  Thank you for this great work.”

Robertson Ward, MD FAAFP

“As a Crohn’s disease survivor and for over 25 years, a Health Consultant, I find that Russell Mariani’s book, Healing Digestive Illness is a detailed guide for anyone suffering digestive and auto-immune conditions. His clear concepts on how to support the body’s natural state of homeostasis are outlined in a progressive and doable manner. Russell speaks from his heart and teaches from his passion. I have personally experienced the success of the principles he outlines about the importance of self-responsibility in the lives of many clients.  It is with great pride that I endorse his life’s work which is so beautifully depicted in this book.”

Virginia M. Harper, author, Controlling Crohn’s the Natural Way

“Russell’s book is well written and fun to read. His attention to the “basics” will prove helpful to many people.”

Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN, CNS, CHN, LD/N, author of the book, Digestive Wellness, Director of Academic Development, Maryland University of Integrative Health

“Russell Mariani’s book, Healing Digestive Illness, spotlights the importance of a healthy functioning digestive system, its central role to health and well being and how we choose to cooperate with or insult this dynamic healing system by the food and lifestyle choices we make.  He carefully outlines a step-by-step journey to optimize the body’s self healing process leading to total dietary freedom.  Understanding this complex process is made simple by a gifted writer.”

Richard J. Redding, M.D.

“As a veteran women’s health Nurse Practitioner, I’ve come to the conclusion that upwards of 50% of all pelvic pain is not a gynecological problem but a bowel problem.  Russell Mariani has taken one of life’s most important and yet still too often taboo subjects, our bowels; and turned it into an interesting, understandable, enjoyable, humorous and very healing journey.  Yeah for Russell for having the “guts” to write such a life-changing book!”

Maxine Costa APRN, MSN

“We all experience digestive problems throughout our lives and a simple fact is that many of these problems can easily be prevented simply by reading and putting into practice what lies in the pages of this book.  It’s all right here in Healing Digestive Illness.  Russell’s tireless and diligent research into the subject along with his experiences derived from many hundreds of hours of personal counseling sessions with people from all walks of life are concentrated into a manual that offers us practical and realistic ways to improve our digestive health.”

Steve Gagne, author, The Energetics of Food

“As a close friend of Russell Mariani and a yoga instructor, I have witnessed first hand and many times over with others, the power of his program. His book, Healing Digestive Illness is essential to our time because it provides a step-by-step approach, as well as an excellent explanation of how “our second brain” ought to optimally function, in order for each of us to enjoy life to its fullness. Just like by practicing yoga regularly we are able to align our mind, body and spirit, this program will reboot one’s digestive landscape for the better: a must read!”

Martine Goldberg, Yoga Instructor

“It is a crime that the millions of people who suffer from digestive disorders believe that they are suffering from a disease. They are not. They are suffering only from a largely self-created internal mess stemming directly from a modern-day diet. Author Russell Mariani is living proof of this diet-symptom connection. When you read his personal healing story, it initially sounds like a once-in-a-million miracle… that is until you read all of the other stories of people who have healed their own digestive illness by following Russell’s program. If you know someone who is suffering from any one of the 80 names they now give digestive “diseases” (ha!), get them a copy of Healing Digestive Illness, and learn this basic biological truth: our symptoms are not our body’s cry for more pharmaceutical drugs; our symptoms are our body’s cry for real food and real nutrition.”

Scott Ohlgren, author, The 28 Day Cleansing Program

Healing Digestive Illness is informative, well organized, and above all, sincere. Russell speaks directly to the reader with the compassionate understanding of one who has experienced these issues himself.  He also shares hope for recovery and a clear plan for achieving that. Russell came to my yoga studio many times over the years and inspired many in my community to heal themselves with his gentle, supportive guidance. He is our Digestive Wellness “Guru”!”

Mary Norton, Studio143 and Country Way Health, Scituate, MA

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Years From Now

Years from now
long after we are all dead and gone,
people will still come across the
digestive healing program
of Russell Mariani
and think;
“Maybe, just maybe
my symptoms are reparable.”
They’ll follow the protocols
and as sure as night follows day
they’ll see their damaged tissue heal.
They’ll tell friends
push the books into other’s hands and say “read this” and
write articles and missives and become passionate spokespeople for
his radical common sense legacy to healing.

—Scott Ohlgren
Boulder, Colorado
March 2015