I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when I was 27 years old, back in 2007. The experience was devastating; increasing anxiety and uncertainty about my future health, drug side-effects, possible surgeries. My symptoms included irregular bms, often with blood and all the typical abdominal and rectal pains and discomforts that come from such extensive inflammation. I suffered like this for about a year and then found Russell through a simple google search. I started Russell’s program in March, 2008. Within a few short weeks, my symptoms improved remarkably. As time passed, I felt increasing confidence that my symptoms were completely under my control. I completed Russell’s program in September, 2008. I now live a complete life with no prescription drugs, and no pain or discomfort. In fact, I have no symptoms at all and can eat anything I want. Russell’s program has fully healed me. I cannot recommend it and him enough.

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