It was Saturday, February 2nd of this year. I had just returned home from a “date” with my wife. But it wasn’t a date at all, it was more like a bunch of bathroom emergencies strewn together. I was looking forward to some quality time with my wife, but ulcerative colitis/proctitis was taking up most of the time and in doing so, it was taking me (the guy my wife knows and loves) away. I’d been managing my ulcerative colitis fairly well for years, but this past winter was different. It seemed as though the medications were no longer working. The doctors wanted to give me more medications but it just didn’t seem right. And the plan a naturopath had given me along with being severely dehydrated from two (yes two) bouts with this past season’s flu, sent me spiraling downward into a place I’d never been before.

Not even when I first contracted colitis were my symptoms this bad. There’s the pain and the suffering that you feel, then there’s the huge weight of not knowing when and where you’ll get hit with an episode. And I’ve never given up. I’ve always been on this quest to discover what will heal my body best. I’ve remained open to any and all approaches. This time was different. There was a lot on the line. You see, I’m the sole provider for my family. My wife and I have two kids and my busy season for work was approaching. I had so much anguish over this very issue that it brought me down to a new low. I felt as though I had failed them. Even after all of the attempts to heal myself (conventional medications, naturopathic, vitamins, juicing, a vegan diet, probiotics, etc) I no longer had the energy to push on. I wasn’t retaining any nutrients from my food and I was losing weight. And I now know that I was dehydrated too. I felt as though I was a day or two away from being admitted into a hospital and being hooked up to an I.V.

That night, I found the energy for one last push. I remembered seeing Russell’s book online a few days prior. And I kept finding myself back there perusing his site. Perhaps it was divine intervention, because God knows my Dad had everyone he knows praying for me. That night I read about the watercure and began to implement it the next day. I noticed subtle changes right away. The week after that, I started with the supplements and the week following I started my colon cleanse. Within a day of doing the colon cleanse, my stool started to form again! Within three days, all of the mucus and blood had disappeared! I knew a miracle was happening and I was so grateful that I had found Russell!

There was a day or two of headaches (part of the detox), but no more urgencies to run to the bathroom (I think I had an all time record earlier that month of 15 runs). What a complete turnaround I was experiencing! I was beaming with joy and I took this new found energy and dove even more into the program. Did I make a couple of mistakes along the way? – of course! But Russell was always there to guide me. And on that note, the best advice I can give is to follow the program to the letter! You will see and experience health much quicker.

Today marks almost exactly two months since I started my program. Back in February, I felt like an old man who was ready to die. And just this morning I was running all over the tennis court with more energy than I can remember. My friend showed up and was watching my brother and I
grind the ball all over the court, trying our best to emulate the pros you see on TV. He called out to me, “Wow, your backhand looks great – you’re better now?” I said, “Oh yeah, big time!” as I smiled from ear to ear.

I’ve always been a very positive person. It’s what has pushed me onward. But this past winter, for the first time in my life I had lost my sense of gratitude. I now know that the bad bacteria in my gut was winning and that intestinal dysbiosis had reduced my serotonin levels. My personality had shifted to someone who was no longer grateful, with no energy and almost no hope. I felt as though I was losing it all. When you’re that low with no energy, it’s hard to find any gratitude or hope.

For the past six weeks or so, my energy levels have gone through the roof! My attitude is so incredibly positive and my skin is glowing again! I’m back in the gym working out twice a week and I’m grateful for muscle memory! I’m back on the courts three times a week and I’m grateful for my brother who makes the perfect rally partner. I’m playing with my kids and spending quality time with my wife, and I’m grateful for my family. I’m planning for the future again because, well,
it’s looking very, very bright! I’m grateful that within a very dark time in my life I found a way to put skepticism aside to make room for the possibility for change. I’m grateful for the internet because without it I wouldn’t have discovered THE answer to my prayers! And I’m grateful for Russell Mariani every day that I’m symptom-free and feeling healthy again.

So there’s a lot to be grateful for today. But do you know what the best part of it is??? That weight of not knowing when and where it will strike…IT’S GONE!!!!! And I’m FREE!!!!

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