On April 1, 2011, it will be my one year anniversary since I first contacted Russell Mariani. When I tell others about how sick I was and how much he helped me, I tell them, “Russell gave me my life back!”

My husband and I live in Texas and I just turned 55 a few weeks ago. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when I was 30, but the symptoms and I’m sure the disease, have been around since I was 16 or17 years old. After my initial diagnosis and a few years of taking doctor prescribed drugs, I pulled myself off of everything. I researched UC but found nothing much to help, other than controlling stress. I went wheat free about 10 years ago and found that helped a lot. But in January of 2010, my world fell apart. My colitis flared up horribly. In less than 3 months I went from 110 pounds to 90 pounds. I was having bowel movements sometimes 15-20 times a day. Nothing stayed inside me. My mental clarity was gone. I hurt all the time and it was almost unbearable to be at work for 3 days a week. I worked outside the home and it was difficult to take care of my mini-farm of 15 acres, cows, chickens, dogs, and cats.

Every day it took me forever to get moving in the morning and I would feel just okay until I ate; then the day went downhill. I found a diet online that was supposed to help. I bought the book, changed my entire eating habits, and tried that for over 2 months. The first month it seemed to help, then it went downhill fast. I got so scared that I finally made an appointment with a “real” doctor; a gastroenterologist. I hadn’t been to a doctor in over 20 years but at this point, I thought I was dying. The visit turned out to be expensive and unhelpful. They offered no answers but to schedule a colonoscopy. Their answer to everything is drugs, diagnostic or testing procedures or surgery. I caved and scheduled the appointment. Then by some miracle, I saw Russell’s name mentioned on the online forum for the diet I mentioned above. I googled him, read his entire website, ordered his book immediately and emailed him about my issues. We set up a
consultation phone call for the following week. After the initial conversation with him, I felt better already; like there was hope. I canceled my colonoscopy (not at any urging from Russell BTW) and decided my money would be better spent with Russell. It was!

I started the program that same week. I ordered the cleanses he suggested and started right away. It was amazing. In 3 days my bowel movements were down to 2-3 a day and almost normal. The following weeks I continued with the different cleanses and started taking some supplements. I had started following his suggestions in his book before talking to him and soon implemented everything he suggested eating and not eating. I went a long time without certain foods that I used to crave but unbeknownst to me, they were some of the foods causing so much trouble. I still have not had a potato chip. It’s been a year now. I don’t miss them. I eat a lot of rice and that has been the saving food for me. Fortunately, I loved rice anyway, so it wasn’t hard. I still feel my body is healing, but I have gotten to the point where I can and do, eat everything, wheat/gluten food included. The first time I had a hamburger at work, with the bun,
that was when I felt I had my life back again.

It is not just food, there are lots of mindset issues I still need work on; like not eating in the car and taking time to sit down and eat slowly and chew thoroughly. I still have some problems with certain foods, so I eat them sparingly. I drink lots of water with the right amount of seasalt! And I joined a health club and went to my first workout last evening. Wow! To be able to work out for over an hour and feel great afterwards!

Thanks Russell!

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