I want to share my story about how dramatically my life has changed since I started Russell’s Intestinal Regeneration Program in October 2006. I am writing this testimonial in October 2007 and am symptom-free. I can eat anything I want, as much as I want, whenever I want. It wasn’t always this way and I for a long time I thought I would never get well.

For as long as I can remember, somebody in my family has had digestive problems. My grandma always complained that certain foods didn’t “set” with her but she never took anything to remedy her problems. My mother went to doctors to deal with her chronic heartburn and indigestion and later was diagnosed with diverticulosis. She used endless packs of Rolaids and bottles of Mylanta, drank 7Up constantly, endured upper and lower GI exams and prescription drugs but nothing helped. She was overweight but couldn’t lose weight, no matter what she tried. She had a lot of other medical conditions that may have been aggravated by her digestive problems and following the “typical American diet” didn’t help either.

I was determined that I didn’t want to have the problems Mom had, but I didn’t know what to do to avoid going down that road. In the late 1970s, I met a colleague at work who was involved in herbal medicine. I was intrigued and learned what I could about medicinal herbs and started using them. A few years later, however, I started having persistent digestive problems which wouldn’t go away, no matter what I did, so I decided that I’d just have to live with them. I was excited to learn about Simplexity Health (formerly Cell Tech) in 1998. I found out about Simplexity Health on the Galaxy Mall web site and signed up online. I was intrigued that the company was/is so concerned about digestion and how to help people feel better. Even after taking the algae, probiotics, and enzymes, however, I wasn’t feeling as well as I thought I should. There was still something missing. Job stress and working overtime didn’t help improve things either. I prayed every day that I’d get through the day and that I wouldn’t get sick during off-site meetings or while commuting to work.

Sometime around the year 2001, I purchased a video series of talks (from Simplexity Health) that Russell Mariani presented at a seminar and was intrigued with his knowledge and experiences. I wondered if he might have any idea what the missing link could be that could make me feel better. In an e-mail from Simplexity Health that was sent out last year, I found out he was working on a book and that news immediately resonated with me. In October, 2006 the book became available and I purchased it.

The book was so good that I wanted to share it with as many people as possible, especially with people who are blind or print-disabled. I knew that this book was different from anything I’d read before. It was placed on bookshare.org, a site that enables blind subscribers (like me) to download books. It became one of the top downloads late last year.

When I obtained the book in text form, I read it from cover to cover and immediately ordered the suggested products. I was delighted that Russell’s recommendations were all available via the Internet. As a blind person, I didn’t have to worry about trying to get transportation to a health food store to obtain them. The Celtic sea salt made me feel better, the porridge was wonderful on cold mornings, but the first set of dramatic results occurred when I took Dr. Schulze’s intestinal formula number 2. I could actually feel it working throughout my digestive tract. My gas and diarrhea disappeared in just a few days and I began to feel great but something was still missing.

I completed phase one of Russell’s program a few months later and noticed that I could eat more foods without getting sick. I took a lot of algae and probiotics and was still using the original enzymes. My symptoms started to come back. Last summer, after hearing a recorded Simplexity Health teleconference call during which Viktoras Kulvinskas discussed enzymes, I wondered if the missing link could be the enzymes. Should I switch to the SBG Zymes Plus? Would they work better for me?

I did and they are fabulous! Within a few days, my reoccurring symptoms disappeared.

I’ve been symptom-free since last summer!

Stemplex is a Simplexity Health product that works “in the background” to help the body heal itself faster. It provides the micronutrients that increase the growth of our adult stem cells. Stem cells are the body’s self-renewal system. I notice that I have more energy when I use it with the other things I take. In addition, drinking more water is vital to helping all these products work synergistically. It’s easy to drink more water when it’s filtered and tastes so much better.

I’m not perfect by any means. I’ve been ovo-lacto-vegetarian for nearly thirty years and I am working on reducing my dairy intake. I have a definite sweet tooth. I’m working on losing weight. But I’m moving in the right direction and I can’t tell you how great it feels to have such a burden of illness lifted! I’m retired now, so the job stress is gone. I can go anywhere and not worry about getting sick. I can wake up every day and thank the Lord for the gift of wellness He has given me via Russell’s program. I never believed this could happen to me! It might work for you too.

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