Healing The Gut Is Crucial To Your Overall Well-Being!

Here is a simple truth: As goes the health of your intestinal microbiome, so goes the rest of your health. A healthy and thriving microbiome supports leaky gut syndrome, celiac’s, Crohn’ss and other digestive concerns. Put another way: the health of every organ, system and cell of the entire human body depends upon the health, vitality and diversity of the probiotic organisms living in your gut. And, your gut has a new name: the microbiome.

The following information appeared in a weekly news magazine called: The Week; volume 18, issue 872. (dated May 11, 2018)

“Having a bad diet may increase your chances of developing osteoarthritis. Scientists have long thought the condition was tied to obesity and excessive stress placed on the joints, reports MedicalDaily.com. But in a new study, a team from the University of Rochester Medical Center found that a high-fat western diet caused mice (our apologies to the mice used in this experiment) not only to gain weight but also to develop systemic inflammation and an imbalance in their gut microbiome.

Their colons had high levels of harmful bacteria and hardly any beneficial probiotic bacteria. When the researchers tore cartilage (ouch!) in the rodents’ knees to trigger (cause) the osteoarthritis, the disease progressed more rapidly in the obese mice. When they treated these mice with a probiotic to restore their gut microbiome, the rodents had less inflammation and their joint health improved. Study author Eric Schott says his team’s findings “set the stage to develop therapies that target the microbiome and actually treat the (root causes) of the disease.”

RM comments: Nice! It’s about time! I have been using and recommending probiotics since 1990! If you are interested in a comprehensive explanation of the human microbiome and how it gets sick and what steps you need to take to make it better; please read my book: Healing Digestive Illness

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