Find Health And Wellness By Healing The Gut.

I hope this two-word title got your attention long enough to read the next few paragraphs. I promise you will learn something important, or remember something important that you already knew.

Our culture has become transfixed with pharmaceuticals and as a collective, we have abandoned the ability to let the body heal itself. There are solutions to restore the gut and natural diverticulitis remedies. Find out how to find gut health today!

From Pharmaceuticals To Healing Digestive Illness

I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore, but I do check the news and weather and the occasional sporting event. I am aware of the near omnipresence of pharmaceutical ads, brainwashing, and blather. Seriously, when the list of “potential adverse side effects” is recited at the end of every TV ad (including things like heart attack, stroke, and cancer) I try to always stand up and shout at the TV and say something like: “Yeah baby, sign me up for that one!”

There is, undoubtedly a “relentless pursuit” on the part of pharmaceutical companies to convince us that their products are safe and effective even with all the adverse side effects and well worth “the risk” to take them.

But is there a safer and saner and more effective alternative?

(Yes, there is!)

Imagine if the pharmaceutical companies invested twice as much money educating us about how health really works as they do on making us dependent on drugs that have absolutely zero possibility of healing us and that often make us worse.

Drugs treat the symptoms of dis-ease and do not address the root causes of health.

Our physical health depends upon the health (and normal functioning) of our 100 trillion plus cells. If our cells are healthy then we are healthy.

So, when I read or hear the words “relentless pursuit” I think of the cells that make up the human immune system. Did you know that normally functioning and “healthy” immune system cells possess the ability to detect, relentlessly pursue and ultimately destroy any virus, bacteria, toxin, pathogen or any other disease-causing organism that exists?

Did you know that the best, safest, and most effective way to regain and maintain your health and to prevent your body from developing any form of chronic, degenerative disease, (including all forms of cancer) is to make sure that ALL the many interconnected components of your immune system are all properly nourished and hydrated and functioning normally?

How do we do this?  How do we nourish, hydrate, strengthen, enhance and optimize the functioning of all of our immune system cells and all the other cells in our body?

We learn how to take better care of our cells. We learn about the roots of health. There are seven distinct and interconnected root cause areas that must be addressed correctly and consistently every single day. If we do this our body will do the rest. If we do this our immune system will function normally. If we do this every single one of our 100 trillion plus cells will be healthy and happy.

When are cells are healthy and happy, we are healthy and happy.

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