In early April of 2008, I began having lower left abdominal pain that was so severe that my quality of life was destroyed. Mother’s Day, my birthday, my kids’ birthdays and summer vacation were ruined as it continued for months through June. Doctors and specialists gave me course after course of antibiotics for this “Diverticulitis” which only helped temporarily and I was told at age 42, that I would have to have surgery to take out a section of my colon if it kept persisting.

This was unthinkable to me as I am a health nut, exercising individual (I taught aerobics and was a personal trainer for 11 years before kids), I ate and grew my own healthy high fiber organic foods and my friends all teased me about my obsession with health yet this awful condition was ruining my life. I dislike most western medicine and believe in root causes and prevention, not damage control, so I found Russell Mariani on the internet. Everything he said made sense and lined up with my beliefs so I chose to follow his plan and coaching.

I was leaving that first day of my program on a trip in terrible pain and was so frustrated that my husband’s and my first trip away without kids in over a year, was going to be one of pain and discomfort. I also had not slept in six days from the pain. I was run down and exhausted.

By the end of the second day of our trip on Russell’s protocol, the “fire went out” as he predicted it would. I even slept a full 9 hours that night and began to enjoy my trip with my husband. Each day I got better and better and the inflammation and pain disappeared.

It has been two weeks now and I am getting my life back. I am pain-free. I cannot wait to share my results and victory over this condition with my doctors and several friends of mine who have been suffering from other digestive illnesses like Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease.

God bless Russell Mariani!

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