How I Healed My Crohn’s Disease by Chris Nevolo

Natural Remedies For Crohn’s Disease

Chris Nevolo was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in October 2013. Here is a brief excerpt from his story:

“Like so many others suffering from this terrible condition I was given a rotating diet of different medications. Not one doctor ever even remotely suggested that my actual food diet might have a role in either causing my condition or improving my condition. I always felt that my body was fighting to get well and fighting against the side effects of the medications. This ongoing battle went on for over three years. I got fed up with all the pain and all the endless trips to the bathroom. Was I ever going to live a normal life again? There had to be a better way. And that’s when I found Russell Mariani.”

Watch the Documentary: How I Healed My Crohn’s Disease!

Chris’s sister Kelsey is a senior at Rutgers University and for one of her classes, she produced a short documentary film to explain how her brother healed his Crohn’s Disease. You can watch it here:

You can read Chris’s written testimonial here:

And the moral of the story is this: You don’t have to suffer the ravages of inflammatory bowel disease or any other digestive system disorder! The root causes are known, and the safe, reliable solutions are explained in the book: Healing Digestive Illness.

Or, contact Russell Mariani directly by phone: 413 536 0275 or by email:

Please share this information. We all know someone who is suffering from some kind of digestive illness. Thank you.

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