It’s almost a year to the day since I made my first call to Russell and I will never forget the despair that enveloped me the night before.

But let me start at the beginning!

I am currently 52 years old and for almost 35 years I suffered from all kinds of digestive issues.

I was either extremely constipated (going to the bathroom about once every 10 days) or had too many BMs a day. I lived with constant nausea, stomach aches and acid reflux despite trying all sorts of healthy organic diets. With each cycle of constipation, I would get debilitating gastric headaches and nausea as my body was filling up with toxins that had no way out.

I cannot count the number of times that my husband and I had to cancel our plans because I did not feel well. It was embarrassing. It was infuriating and it was depressing! It seemed that no matter what I ate or did not eat, my quality of life was gradually declining and depression and anxiety were closing in on me.

I want to live! I really do! So, over these past 35 years I have tried everything I could think of except for western medicine (which I believe does greater harm in most chronic cases). And when I say everything, I mean everything.

I tried various diets and supplements, homeopathic medicine, colonic hydrotherapy, acupuncture and a few other modalities…just to name a few! And still nothing really worked in the long run.

Then came April 12th, 2016, which was a particularly rough day for me. That night I lay in bed thinking that it will never get better and feeling sorry for myself and for my husband who is so patient with me and misses out on so much because of me. That night my despair was so great that I felt my will to live ebbing away from me. So, I did something that I had never before done for myself; I prayed! I asked whoever it is that hears me up there for help.

The next morning as I was checking up my e-mails and surfing the web, a link that I had never seen before popped up: which is Russell’s website.

It seemed peculiar especially in light of my prayer the night before, so I clicked on it. Thank God that I did!!

From the initial phone call I knew that I can trust Russell‘s wisdom and compassion. Over the months that we worked together, I learned that Russell’s insight into the art of healing is way beyond diet and supplements and that he has a keen sense of understanding his clients on a much deeper level. He knew how to be there for me with sound advice and a contagious optimism.

When one suffers for a long time or very strongly, one loses hope. Without hope there can be no joy. Russell gave me back my hope. I will say it again, as it is so fundamental: Russell gave me back my hope that I can heal…that I AM healing…that life will soon be good again.

For my whole journey, Russell was there with me, side by side. His devotion to his clients stems from having a huge compassionate heart and a cellular understanding of what it is like to suffer.

For every concern of mine, every pain and discomfort, Russell had an answer: whether it was in the form of a remedy or a kind word of encouragement.

It’s been almost a year now, and I am in a completely different place.

I am actually well. I can eat without feeling sick afterwards. I can go out with friends. I have energy. My skin cleared up. I can make plans and stick to them. I can live and not just exist! I don’t wake up depressed or anxious anymore.

I got my life back.

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