Dear Russell,

Thank you again for your great help and support.

As I mentioned before, prior to working with you I had spent almost twenty years, dealing with constipation. The issue had gone from being a nuisance to a chronic problem that was affecting my schedule, energy and general ease of life. After years of herbs, fiber, laxatives, juicing, diets, etc., I was beginning to think that there was no answer to this serious problem.

Today, almost six months after beginning my work with you, I am regular, healthy and free to schedule my time as I see fit! I love the water cure — it has become an integral part of my day. I am eating better – more vegetables and grains, as eating more healthfully is easier with the simple, easy guidelines you’ve given me. I am free. : )

I am so glad I found you and your book. Please keep up your great work. I have told several friends and relatives about you and will continue to spread the word.


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