I had surgery to remove 12 inches of my colon in October 2000 but it did not help at all with my abdominal distention and bloating though my constipation did get mildly better for awhile. For years I had suffered from constipation, bloating, gas, abdominal distention, pain, cramping, depression and chronic fatigue. After my surgery, I met with a new doctor in Boston who determined I had IBS and that basically it,”was something I would just have to learn to live with.”
Some of my doctors thought I was crazy to be so concerned that I was only having one bowel movement per week. They would say things like: “Oh that’s just normal for some people” but this made absolutely no sense to me at all and as I now know, this is absolutely not healthy for anyone.

I had lots of interesting tests prior to my diagnosis and surgery: Upper GI Series, Barium Enema, Comprehensive Blood Tests, Thyroid Function Test, Anorectal Manometry, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy, Colon Transit Time Test (Sitz markers), AP Supine Radiograph, Colonoscopy, you name it I had it done. Prior to and after surgery I also tried numerous medications; Zelnorm, Tegaserod, Miralax, Lactulose Syrup, Sorbitol but nothing worked. I was constantly uncomfortable and this condition led to depression, anxiety, worry and constant fatigue.

I discovered Russell Mariani while doing extensive research on my symptoms on the internet; trying to find a cure for myself since the doctors weren’t helping. “Living with it” as the doctors suggested was not an option for me. I started working with Russell in June 2007. I started noticing dramatic improvement within the first three to four weeks of the program.

I currently have no digestive symptoms. My condition is fantastic. I feel wonderful. However, I am still working on decreasing my IF #1 intake so I can support the daily bowel movement function on my own. The only time I have flare-ups are when I eat foods that I know do not agree with my digestive system such as fruit and cookies. I will get abdominal bloating/distention. In addition, when on vacation if I can’t get whole grain foods and fresh vegetables I will become constipated with abdominal bloating and distention. After a few days on Russell’s Phase 2 foods I am back to normal.

I have learned how important it is to eat a healthy diet of whole grain foods and vegetables, how important daily essential enzymes and blue green algae are to your digestive functioning, as well as proper daily hydration and periodic liver, kidney and colon cleanses. I also learned how many dairy foods played a role in my digestive dysfunction for so many years. I have learned to eat slowly and chew thoroughly and most importantly to listen to my body and to give it the proper
nourishment it needs so I can enjoy great health and be free from all that discomfort I suffered for so long.2015


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