This is a note of thank you for your great work. I recently bought your book on a friend’s recommendation. After following your advise rather closely I am happy to say that I am now symptom-free.

I have ulcerative colitis, which was diagnosed in 1993. From 1995 until 2006, I was symptom-free. However, since 2006 I had been dealing with ever-increasing symptoms. Concerned about the traditional approach of adjusting/increasing medications that pretty much focus on symptom elimination, rather than root cause, I sought out nontraditional remedies. I visited a naturopathic doctor for over a year. When things weren’t improving to my liking, I began getting acupuncture. This didn’t resolve the condition to my liking either. Then a friend (the Whitney family) told me about you, so I bought your book.

After following most of your recommendations for several months, I am happy to say that I am symptom-free – because of root cause elimination, I believe. Being a foodie, I am extremely happy to once again be eating the variety of foods that I enjoy so much. Going forward, I plan to avoid processed foods to the greatest extent possible (I was never one for fast food though). I recently read “In Defense of Food”, by Michael Pollan, and all of the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together. I have also recommended your book to several others who have, to one degree or another, followed your advice as well.

Thank you again for your dedication to, and effectiveness at, helping people overcome digestive disorders. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Gastronomically Yours,

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