I had just come home from a week-long vacation in Mexico in the Fall of 2010, when I realized that everything I was eating was causing me extreme stomach distention. I spent the next six months going in and out of doctor’s offices and hospital emergency rooms and still no diagnosis. It was in month six that I finally found a new doctor who would take me on as a patient and he was determined to get to the bottom of my symptoms.

My main symptom was distention of the stomach and I was also suffering from chronic constipation. I would eat something as little as a strawberry and instantly bloat-out as if I was pregnant. I wasn’t eliminating on a regular basis and as a result I was having to get enema’s in the emergency room twice a week.

After a lot of persistence and a series of testing, I was diagnosed with something called: gastroparesis; paralysis of the stomach. This was comforting to me at first finally having a label for my condition and symptoms. I started doing research on my own right away.

And so the medications began. I was put on various medications and multiple laxatives, sometimes two at a time, as nothing seemed to work for longer than two week periods. After months of research and unhappiness, discomfort and major inconvenience and a deteriorating quality of life, I decided to get Botox injections into the opening of my stomach as people with my same condition were having success with this method. Sadly, after 3 separate injections and thousands of dollars later, there was no change in my condition.

I went through this same kind of routine for almost two years when I realized that if I didn’t make a dramatic change of direction, this was the quality of life I would have into the foreseeable future. This was unacceptable to me.

I was so determined to do things the natural way, thinking there has to be some-thing else out there! I must have researched and tried every natural product for constipation available and by this point I was living off of baby food and liquid nutrition drinks. I would stay up late at night researching my condition online and reading numerous blogs and other people’s experiences. I came across Russell’s name in one blog where a Mom was writing about her daughter’s condition and how nothing had worked until they met Russell.

I reached out to Russell by email and I couldn’t believe it when I heard back from him the next day. Russell and I set up a phone conversation to discuss his program and my condition. After the Initial Consultation with Russell I knew with my whole heart that his program was going to work for me. I had nothing to lose at that point and it just felt right.

Within the first three weeks of starting his program I was able to eat solid foods again and noticed that my stomach wasn’t nearly as extended. I started to notice a real difference once I incorporated all of the supplements and the cleansing herbs. Normal functioning was returning including daily normal elimination.

I think routine and consistency were the keys for me while doing the program. Things like drinking my daily water the way I was instructed to do it versus playing catch up all the time; taking my time when I eat, slowing down during meal times and chewing properly; having consistent meal times and being consistent with the quality of the foods I eat. My biggest piece of advice to anyone doing Russell’s program would be to trust him and let him lead the way. I found I had the most success in the quickest period of time when I did that.

I am proud to say that today, I can eat almost anything I please. I have very few limitations and although I continue to take some supplements daily, I consider myself very lucky because I used to take a lot more. I have very minor occasional stomach extension and that’s typically only when I eat certain foods that I know aggravate my stomach. I continue to take all of the supplements I did while on the program, just a reduced amount because I feel great and have so much more energy.

I will be forever grateful to Russell. He gave me hope when I needed it most and more importantly he helped me create a future without medications and surgery. Russell was extremely dedicated to me as a patient and continued to be even after I finished the program. Both he and his program come with my highest recommendations.

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