In mid-December, 2017 my colon completely stopped working.  I have always struggled with mild to moderate constipation my entire life.  I remember as a child crying in the middle of the night from the pain it caused.  Over the years I had found remedies that worked for me and were my go to’s when the normal food fixes didn’t work.  I had gotten to the point where I was pretty consistent with elimination for about a year until one day; nothing.  My colon just felt paralyzed.

A week of trying my tried and true remedies proved useless and by day 8, my panic level was at a 10.  After A LOT of research online, I self-diagnosed with colonic inertia and learned that people with this condition suffered for many years going from one doctor to another and one product to another without any healing or success, and most eventually had to have their colon fully or partially removed.  I was terrified.  Being a fitness trainer and very active, this sounded like a death sentence to me.  As it was, I was exhausted from the emotional strain this was taking on me, not to mention the fact that I was not receiving the nutrients my body needed to remain functioning at the level my job requires.

I am not a fan of western medicine and I choose to use natural methods for any issues that arise, but considering my natural methods weren’t working, my husband convinced me to make an appointment with a gastroenterologist.  He came very highly recommended by several people so I went in with high expectations hoping to begin with a non-invasive procedure that tests the motility in my colon.  Within 5 minutes of speaking to him I could tell he had no interest in hearing anything I had to say about my problem or my history and basically had me scheduled for a colonoscopy (at a facility he owned), completely disregarding my request for a non-invasive procedure first.  I left very frustrated and had no intention of returning.  I refused to waste my money, time and health on western medicine especially knowing how it hadn’t worked for others in my same situation.

I first saw Russell’s name in an online forum for those with long term serious digestive disease.  I looked him up and immediately liked the fact that his protocol was 100% natural.  No chemicals, no harmful ingredients.  His reviews were very mixed but I also understood how many people don’t understand the holistic approach or want to invest the effort that comes along with it, so I disregarded their input and chose to accept hope from those that said, “He saved my life” or “I cancelled the surgery to have my colon removed, thanks to Russell.”

I was not about to suffer for years as others have and I figured if this didn’t work, at least I could say I tried my way first.  I purchased his book the end of December 2017 and called him to begin his program in mid-January as soon as I returned home from the holidays.  It was a stretch for us financially, but I would do it all over again knowing now the results.  Immediately I started seeing relief and my pain dissolved to discomfort and then completely disappeared. I had SO MANY questions as I progressed, especially because I found myself travelling more than usual and it was amazing that Russell was so patient, always calmed any anxiety that arose and walked me through different suggestions that would work for me.

After about 3 months, I was completely confident this was going to work for me and I would come out on the other side in much better condition than before the problem started.

Now, 6 months later, I am in the process of completing the program.  I am so grateful for Russell and his protocol.  I am confident moving forward knowing how small changes in my diet and how I eat my food can impact my health and quality of life for the better.  This is a lifestyle change and definitely not a temporary solution where you can return to your previous eating habits without expecting to end up in the same situation.  I strongly recommend Russell’s program to anyone who suffers with any kind of digestive disorder.

Leigh (age 47)

Florida, July, 2018





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