As you know, you helped me twice in the past five years when I inexplicably forgot to drink enough water while playing golf. I got dehydrated and one of those times I passed out from exhaustion/dehydration. Both times the dehydration caused some temporary constipation, which caused a stoppage of urine flow. Both times I went to the hospital in a bit of a panic. In both situations, the doctors were eager to operate and remove my prostate. Both times you talked to my doctors and explained to them that the constipated bowel was pressing up against the prostate gland and this was most likely the cause of the blocked urine flow. The doctors were skeptical at best but since I was not in any imminent danger they allowed me to proceed with the basic regimen of the watercure, simple whole foods and that amazing herbal intestinal formula you use to relieve constipation. Both times, I experienced complete relief from all symptoms within two days.

In both situations, the doctors were eager to operate and remove my prostate, even though both times, it turned out not to be the cause of the problem. Both times the root cause of the problem was constipation, and that was caused by dehydration. Just a few weeks ago, I had another interesting medical experience. I was having a routine check-up with my cardiologist at the VA ( Veterans Administration Hospital ). Since my heart was healthy and I had no other complaints, the doctor pulled up my medical records on his computer.

He saw that my urologist had three times attempted to put me on three different medications for my bpe (benign prostate enlargement) but all three times I had complained of adverse side effects, including dizziness, chest pain and fatigue. He offered me the following explanation: “The reason you had those adverse side effects is because your body is in such good condition. Your body was rejecting the foreign matter in those pharmaceuticals. Keep up the good work with your current diet and exercise program. You obviously are doing everything right and you don’t need any medication.”

Thought you would like to know that. Nice to know that there are still some smart doctors around. Thanks for all your great advice over all these years. I am 83 years old. I feel great and I don’t take any medication. Love, Dad

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