My name is Cindy. I started working with Russell in January 2007. I was suffering from depression, anxiety, obsessive thinking and sleep deprivation. It was quite a difficult period in my life. I was getting therapy and taking prescribed medication. Nothing was helping and I was spiraling down into the “Rabbit Hole” as Russell so eloquently phrased it.

As I began to work with Russell I quickly discovered that I was very dehydrated and that my eating habits were so out of balance. Talk about mood swings caused by food swings! I was also suffering from constipation and diarrhea swings because of my food choices and excessive coffee drinking.

While I started to eat the suggested whole food meals such as the cooked brown rice, vegetables, and miso soup; my cravings started to lessen. My body started to feel more in balance as did my mind. The proper daily hydration program also greatly improved everything. That was my biggest key personally I think. I finally quit drinking so much coffee. I never realized how dehydrated that was making me. I had been drinking lots of juices thinking that was good for me, not knowing that the sugar content in the juices was making my system way too acidic. The lightly salted water cleansed and alkalinized my entire system which in turn kicked everything else into gear.

Russell also introduced me to the fabulous New Earth products which gave me new and much-needed energy and strength. The wonderful Dr. Shulze products straightened out my irritable bowel syndrome which had created total chaos in my poor body! I can’t say enough about those two product lines.

My debilitating symptoms gradually started to improve and I literally could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Before this intervention from Russell’s healing program, I was nearly at my wits end but he literally pulled me up and out of my deep dark rabbit hole! I could finally sleep at night, my anxiety and obsessing ceased and one day I finally realized I didn’t have those blue days which I thought would never end.

Russell’s careful assessment of my condition and symptoms resulted in a treatment plan that was so precisely tailored and individuated just for me. He has a great intuition about his clients and truly gives his all with loving care and direction. I am truly indebted to him and feel so lucky and blessed that he came into my life!

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