I had been dealing with constipation for about a year. I was constantly uncomfortable and irritable. I would go through phases where I didn’t eat for 3 or 4 days, with the thought that if it doesn’t go in, it doesn’t have to come out. But when I wouldn’t eat I had no strength and I couldn’t concentrate. Stool softeners and laxatives worked in the beginning but eventually had no effect on me. I had a colonoscopy and they couldn’t find anything wrong. I soon relied on enemas to solve the problem. I never had a bowel movement without the help of an enema. Soon enemas stopped helping. I went to the gastrointestinal doctor. He had me swallow a pill with tiny rings in it and every 3 days I’d go to the hospital for x-rays. They wanted to see if the rings moved through my system. A week and a half later they told me the rings had not moved. At this point I had not had a bowel movement in over four weeks. The doctor told me that my colon was not working AT ALL. It was totally stopped. He told me that if I wanted to get it moving again, I’d have to have part of my colon removed, about two feet.

I am 19 years old. I had been uncomfortable for so long that I agreed with the idea. If it would work, then I would do it. I had tried so many things. I did so many kinds of herbs, laxatives, fiber, stool softeners, enemas, mineral oil and much more. That night we came home from the surgeon’s office but my Mom didn’t go to bed. She was still on the internet when I woke up. She found Russell Mariani’s web site. She noticed that Russell had been successful with people with constipation problems. She said she wanted me to try to get help from him before I talked again to the surgeon. I was frustrated. I had tried so many things with no success and now she was pushing another on me. Russell promised my Mom that his program would work.

To be honest, I was very doubtful. I started taking the intestinal formula capsules and doing the water treatment. About a week later I had my first bowel movement. I can’t tell you how excited I was! Excited about being able to poop. I’d have bowel movements about every other day. Eventually I started having them about twice a day. It’s been over a month now and I just can’t believe how normal everything is, better than it’s ever been. I’m so glad my Mom found Russell Mariani. If she didn’t I’d now have part of my colon removed and who knows if that would have helped.

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