Prior to working with Russell Mariani, I had navigated a different route to try and heal a pretty bad case of Candida. This required the anti-candida diet and some other forms of vitamins and supplements to rid the Candida. All was great until I started going through what is known as candida die-off. Imagine the worst fungal rashes from head-to-toe, constant burning, itching and irritation and yet nothing seemed to help; oatmeal baths, lotions, Benadryl; nada. After 4 months of intense rashes, my brother recommended I contact Russell. He and my mom were using his program for other reasons and they thought I might benefit from it as well. So, that’s what I did. His quick and responsive communication and genuine want to help me to heal is what drew me in initially. We discussed all my symptoms; from previous weight issues, to the rashes that would never disappear, cravings, etc. He explained further how the body works, which brought an even better mental image of what my body was doing to try to fight off the Candida.

I began my program with Russell on May 30th, 2016. The diet wasn’t hard to get accustomed to, as it provided a bit more variety than the anti-candida diet. I was finally able to eat other foods that were once to be avoided. What a relief! I’m not going to lie, I had some difficulty in the beginning with the herbal formulas, but I knew the benefit—and persisted. After about a week, I got used to the taste which is earthier. I had already had a pretty regular bowel system, so the IF 2 caused some slowing down in the beginning, and for some reason my body was not responding well to the HerbalMucil product; or so it seemed to me. It took some trial and error, but working together with Russell we managed to find the right combination of things to keep my bowels moving regularly.

See, the way his program works for Candida, is it helps flush toxins through the bowel movements without the die-off systemically. What I was doing prior to his program, eliminated the toxins—but it did so externally, systemically…through my skin. After about a week and a half on Russell’s program, my rashes were subsiding BIG TIME. This was a huge sign that the candida was truly leaving my system. As my rashes subsided, and I finished the first phase of the cleanse, I was able to move on to phase two, which restored my gut ecosystem with probiotics and blue green algae ( a micronutrient-rich superfood). This phase was great! I was feeling more like myself. And then I chose to do a kidney cleanse and a liver cleanse and this resulted in even more improvements.

I completed my program with Russell back in August of 2016. Since completing the program, I have continued to incorporate his dietary suggestions, with a few modifications. I have learned the importance of a clean diet (with moderation) to help keep the body functioning properly. I plan on doing a small cleanse come the end of February (upon returning from my travels), and again six months later. Down the road, it’ll be a once a year routine for me. Russell and Megan have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are welleducated, kind, quick with responses, and have nothing but their clients best interest at heart. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who is looking to heal digestive illnesses—or anyone looking to safely detox and better their lives.

Thank you, thank you, thank you (Russell and Megan) for helping me regain my life and health. I have not felt this great in YEARS!!!

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