There are a number of people who have had a significant, positive and lasting impact on my life and about whom I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be today without their contributions to my life. Russell Mariani is, without a doubt, one of those people. He has been a mentor, educator, and friend to me and I count myself very lucky to have found him.

I began to become sick around 2000, when I was about 50 years old. That year I moved, changed to a better but very stressful job as a social worker, bought a house and found out that my mother had a serious blood disorder. Needless to say, stress was a big factor in my situation, along with taking broad spectrum antibiotics to try to avoid missing work (!), and generally being toxic and in need of cleansing and much better nutrition. Conventional medicine did not help me.

I began to do my own research and figured out that I no doubt had Candidiasis as well as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which was confirmed by a local Naturopath. As my situation deteriorated, I had to quit my job, rent out my house and concentrate on healing using natural methods and Russell was an important guide on my healing journey. Is it any surprise that I was also very anxious during this period?

From Russell, I learned important concepts and techniques that I still use today, including the body rebuilds itself on a cellular level all the time and we can improve our health by seasonal cleansing and good nutrition. I still think about one of his favorite mantras, “A well-nourished body doesn’t make mistakes.” I still incorporate green drinks, fiber, enzymes, probiotics, whole foods and seasonal cleanses into my life regularly. And, what he says is so true, “Healing happens!” It did for me and it certainly can for you, too.

I think that I started working with Russell during the summer of 2004 and my healing journey happened slowly but surely over a period of many months. Russell worked with me every step of the way and his knowledge of how healing happens that he also taught me gave me hope that was based on the reality of how the body really heals and concrete steps that I, or anybody else, could take to help healing to happen. However, I emerged better than ever in so many ways, as a result of following his program and cleansing, exercising, eating well and meditating and praying every morning. In addition, of course, to adding green drinks, fiber, enzymes and probiotics to my daily routine. In fact, I had a personal paradigm shift on many levels and my life has dramatically changed for the better in many lasting ways.

I think often of Russell with gratitude in my heart for all that he has taught me and for being there for me then as a mentor and now as a trusted friend.

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