I began working with Russell in February 2007. I had just turned 50 and I was under a great deal of stress and in addition my hormones were changing. I began having panic attacks and GERD. However, I didn’t really know what was wrong with me. I could barely get food down. It felt like there was a big block in my stomach and I had acid reflux. In addition my panic attacks were causing heart palpitations and difficulty breathing. Luckily my husband found Russell’s name somewhere and I called him. Right from the beginning, Russell walked me through all the steps I needed to take, including suggesting I see a GI doctor to get an accurate diagnosis. The GI doctor did an endoscopy and confirmed that I had GERD. He told me that I should take some stomach medication. I asked him how long I would be on it and he said possibly the rest of my life. Also, he gave me a list of things I could eat such as dry cereal. I didn’t like the idea of being on medication and I don’t touch most of the foods that the GI doctor recommended. I was terrified and pretty desperate. I must have been one of the most difficult clients that Russell has ever had.

Even though I’m a Psychotherapist, I had never experienced panic attacks myself. Russell had to deal with my fear which manifested as resistance to some of his suggestions. Russell was incredibly patient and caring as he walked me through this healing process. After several weeks I began to get some relief. I was able to get food down more easily and the reflux began to subside. After a month or two the symptoms were gone. A year later, I again had another bout of panic attacks and GERD, but this time not as bad. I contacted Russell and he patiently checked in on my diet and made suggestions. Again I got better. Recently I had a bout of constipation that Russell helped me get through.

Russell’s program is fantastic. He is very well informed about functional nutrition, and how lifestyle and emotions affect people. In addition, he is a wise, kind, and gentle person. Russell has educated me so well about a whole foods diet, that a friend of mine who is a holistic health counselor is impressed with how much I know. Thank you Russell. You saved my life.

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