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Russell Mariani and Megan Moore first met in 1982 and have been working together on a mission of better health through better nutrition ever since. They married in 1986. They have been pioneers in the worlds of holistic health, organic agriculture and whole foods cooking as well as pioneering the virtual counseling and education experience for their clients and customers. The Center for Functional Nutrition, their most recent cooperative endeavor, was started in September, 1999.

About Russell Mariani

Russell Mariani is the Director of Health Education at The Center for Functional Nutrition in South Hadley, Massachusetts. He is a Health Educator, Nutrition Counselor and Digestive Wellness expert. He has been in private practice since 1980. He has his Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University (1977), a Masters of Arts degree in Health Education from Vermont College at Norwich University (2003), and continues acquiring ongoing education credits in the area of Digestive Wellness and Integrative Health through the Institute for Functional Medicine and the Institute for Functional Nutrition. Since 1980 he has helped thousands of people regain their health through dietary and lifestyle improvements through classes, seminars, retreats and personal consultations.

He is passionate about teaching others how to be and become more proactive in their own self-care.

Russell graduated from the Kushi Institute for International Macrobiotic Studies in 1979. He was a Macrobiotic Counselor and teacher for many years. He was a founding member of the American Shiatsu Association in 1984. The Macrobiotic approach to health has been foundational in Russell’s commitment to helping others to be and become more proactive in their own self-care. Many of the core principles and practices of what we refer to as Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicine today, have their origins in the basic Macrobiotic approach to diet and lifestyle. Generally speaking these principles and practices have to do with a deep understanding of the natural world and how the human body is part of this larger eco-system. This orientation empowers us to understand that the best foods to consume are organic whole foods similar to the ones our own ancestors prepared and consumed for thousands of years before us. This orientation also empowers us to eat locally and seasonally and to understand that when it comes to the various choices we make every day; nothing is neutral. Every choice we make is either complementary to the way our body has been designed to function or it is insulting. Russell’s books and health programs explain these dynamic principles and practices in full detail and help people to integrate these transformational habits, step-by-step into their daily lives.

“My interest in natural healing and whole foods nutrition began shortly after I was mis-diagnosed with colon cancer in 1973. Within three months the doctors settled on a diagnosis of pre-cancerous Ulcerative Colitis. I was 18 years old at the time. Believing I had little time to live and no time to waste, I started on my healing journey. I sought the answers to a few questions of vital interest to me at the time: How did this happen to me? What are the root causes of digestive disease? What role does diet and nutrition play in reversing the disease process and restoring one’s vitality, energy, health? The answers I found were so inspiring and helpful that I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to the continuous learning and teaching of the fundamentals of nutrition and health. And that’s what I’ve been doing since 1980. I encourage you to contact me to explore ways in which I can assist you in your personal quest to regain, maintain and optimize your health and well-being, especially if you are suffering from any digestive system problems.”

“I can tell you this: There is simply no reason for anyone to suffer from any digestive system problem if they are serious about getting better. Many people have the desire to change, they are just not sure where or how to begin. What they need is an effective coach and guide. Someone who knows first hand, the kinds of physical symptoms and personal challenges they are experiencing. Someone who has learned how and why to change their own dietary and lifestyle habits. Someone who has helped thousands of people with digestive system problems just like theirs…to get better.”

“I have been assisting others in the quest for better health through better dietary and lifestyle choices since 1980. I am experienced in working with people addressing the full range of health challenges, including all the major (and minor) forms of degenerative disease. My experiences demonstrate that the human body has an almost infinite capacity to regenerate and heal as long as we cooperate consistently. Teaching people how to cooperate with the dynamic healing systems within their own body is the essence of the work that I do. I have a particular interest in and a long history of success with the prevention and correction of digestive system imbalances. I am passionate about teaching others how to be and become more proactive in their own self-care.”

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About Megan Moore

Megan Moore is the Director of Client Services at The Center for Functional Nutrition in South Hadley, Massachusetts. She has a Bachelor of Education from York University in Toronto, Canada. For twelve years Megan taught elementary school in the Toronto Public Schools including English as a Second Language to many immigrant children. In the 1990’s she was the artistic director of The Children’s Dance Theater in Conway, NH. For most of her adult life Megan has been a professional Storyteller. She is a highly regarded Gourmet Natural Foods Chef and has taught whole foods cooking classes to individuals and groups for many years. She is also a seasoned Event Coordinator. Her life long passion and advocacy for sustainable earth stewardship led her to join the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement in its early stages. She is dedicated to advancing the principles and practices of Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition.

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About Brian Mariani

Brian Mariani was born in North Conway, New Hampshire in 1988. He attended the Lexington, MA Waldorf School and the Hartsbrook School in Hadley, MA. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Political Science and is now pursuing an MBA. He likes to admit to his friends that his Mom and Dad were pioneers in the field of Health and Wellness and that many of their ideas and practices are slowly but surely becoming mainstream. A fond memory from Brian’s childhood is his confusion one day in the car after a soccer game when his friends and teammates were all sharing about their various headache experiences (at 10 years of age!) and Brian had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. At a lull in the conversation, Brian asked: “What’s a headache?” And then there was a momentary silence after which his friends burst out laughing because they thought Brian was joking!  He wasn’t joking. He was curious because he had never had a headache! Brian contributes to our social media presence and is involved mostly in an advisory capacity for our many products and services. Brian has inherited his parent’s passion for health and wellness and is dedicated to a life of service and education by bringing the principles and practices of Functional Nutrition and “healthyself” to the world.

About Evan Mariani

Evan Mariani was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1993. He attended the Hartsbrook School in Hadley, MA and South Hadley High School where he played Varsity Lacrosse and Soccer. He graduated from Bryant University in 2016 with a degree in Entrepreneurship with a concentration in Marketing and Sociology. It was through his diverse studies that he uncovered his love of creating meaningful, impactful relationships both professionally and personally. This led him to pursue a career with TEKsystems where he focuses on personal relationships and effective communication as the foundation for long term sustainable success in the highly competitive world of IT staffing and talent management. While this is his day job, Evan has always had a love for all animals, especially dogs. Consequently, he has taken on the “official” title of dog-sitter for his office and other friends in the Greater Boston Area. Evan has been an integral part of “Mariani Wellness Associates” his entire life and contributes to the ongoing implementation of our Mission for a healthier more peaceful world in an advisory capacity when it comes to Marketing, Social Media, and Event Promotion.

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