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Diverticulitis literally means “inflammation of the diverticula.” Diverticula are normally small sac-
like protrusions or pouches along the colon wall or lining. I say “normally small” because
sometimes they can become quite expansive and large to the point where they contain one or
and other micro-organisms that live inside our colons. When one or more of these diverticula fill
up with either bad bacteria, unexpelled fecal matter, or both; the resulting condition is called
“Diverticulosis” which is the pre-condition for all instances of Diverticulitis. Diverticulosis is
routinely observed and diagnosed by medical doctors in well over 90% of occasions where an
abdominal x-ray or abdominal mri or abdominal ctscan has been taken.  This means that millions
of people are walking around like ticking time bombs not even aware of the fact that they have
Diverticulosis which at any point in the future could easily become Diverticulitis. There is no
accepted standard medical treatment for Diverticulosis. Medical Doctors will only intervene and
provide medical treatment once a condition of Diverticulosis has turned into Diverticulitis.  And
how does this happen?  When one of more of the sac-like protrusions or pouches or “diverticula”
filled with old fecal matter and various pathological micro-organisms (viruses, worms, parasites,
yeast, mold, bacteria, etc)
becomes infected… Diverticulosis turns into Diverticulitis. The
medical treatment of choice for Diverticulitis is antibiotics; but antibiotics does nothing to address
the root cause of the problem.

Antibiotics do nothing to eliminate from the colon the combination of unresolved fecal matter and
pathological micro-organisms that triggered the problem in the first place. This means that it is
almost inevitable that eventually the person who suffered an attack of Diverticulitis will have
another attack and another. After the second or third attack of Diverticulitis, medical doctors start
talking about surgery to physically remove the part (or parts) of the colon that are problematic.
This still does nothing to address the root causes. Even after surgery, the person is still
vulnerable to developing Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis all over again. The biggest danger with
Diverticulitis is the potential for the person suffering this condition to experience a perforation of
the intestinal lining or colon wall, resulting from one or more of the infected diverticula
bursting…just like what happens when someone experiences a burst appendix. This causes a
rapid infection of the entire abdominal cavity and if proper medical emergency treatment is not
administered quickly, the patient will die. This is why medical doctors start talking about surgery
after the first or second attack of Diverticulitis. This is all very sad, because both Diverticulosis
and Diverticulitis are totally preventable and if present, easily corrected.

Like all other digestive disorders both of these conditions (Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis) are
completely correctable and easily prevented from future occurrences. If and only if you eliminate
the root causes and if and only if you become more proactive (vigilant-mindful) in your own self-
care. My book,
Healing Digestive Illness will teach you how to do this. If you want specific step by
step guidance and detailed personalized instructions
contact me directly.
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