Constipation Symptoms
Russell Mariani
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Constipation symptoms can be mild to moderate or severe to extreme.  Any variation from the
ideal size, shape and form of your bowel movement, any variation in the ease of elimination,
whether you feel empty and complete or full or partially full; and any variation from the normal
period of regularity (24 hours) could be signs of constipation. The surest sign of constipation is
your transit time. Transit time is the time from the completion of a meal until it shows up as waste
in your toilet bowl. The ideal transit time is somewhere between 18-24 hours, depending on what
you ate and how much you ate. A 24-30 hour transit time is acceptable as long as the bm (bowel
movement, stool, poop, waste, etc) comes out easily and you feel empty and complete when
done.  If your transit time is more than 30 hours you are technically constipated. This would be
mild constipation. Checking your transit time is important because many people have regular
bowel movements every day, sometimes like clockwork at the same time every day, but since
they have never checked their transit time, they don’t realize that what they are eliminating
today, is the food they ate two or three or four days ago. This is not good. The longer your fecal
waste remains inside your body the worse it smells and the more potential health problems it
creates. (see list below) Clients have been amazed to discover that what they thought was
perfect regularity turned out to be moderate to severe constipation with transit times of 48 to 72
hours and longer!  Click here on the words checking our colon transit time for a simple
explanation for checking your own transit time.

Symptoms of constipation begin with too much time sitting on the toilet bowl waiting for something
to come out. A sluggish bowel movement, any straining, or pushing on your part, the need to
massage your lower abdomen, anything that you have to do to coax it out of you…indicates
constipation. Small pieces of bowel material instead of one long continuous banana-like
movement indicates constipation. Small, hard, rounded balls of fecal waste either bound together
or separated; indicates constipation. If you alternate between days of no bowel movements at all
and then loose bowel movements you may be constipated. If you experience any pain or major
discomfort, like cramping and bloating along with these other symptoms already described you
may be constipated. Excessive wiping often indicates incomplete elimination, which means there
is still waste material inside your rectum, which means that your bowel movement was incomplete
and this often indicates constipation as well. Over the years the following symptoms and
conditions have cleared up when someone suffering from constipation became regular again, or
for the first time. In other words, the following symptoms and conditions are either directly caused
by constipation or are simply related to and indirectly caused by constipation: lung congestion
and difficulty breathing, even asthma. Sinus congestion, post-nasal drip, sinus-related
headaches. Any kind of headache including migraine headache. Back pain, including lower back
pain and sciatic pain, arthritis pain anywhere in your body. Water retention anywhere in your
body; swollen feet and ankles, puffy swollen lips, cheeks, eyelids or under your eyes puffiness.
Mood swings, mental confusion, fuzzy thinking, memory loss, inability to concentrate, inability to
focus, inability to retain information, inability to process information, any and all learning
disabilities; anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, insomnia. Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
irritability, malaise, fibromyalgia, apathy, irregular heartbeat, weight gain, inability to lose weight,
excessive perspiration, excessive body odor, bad breath. Hives, skin rashes, rosacea, psoriasis,
eczema, dry skin, acne, dandruff, hair loss. All skin problems anywhere on the body have their
origin in the health of the digestive system in general. If you are constipated, you often have skin
problems and one or more of the symptoms noted above or other symptoms and conditions not
listed here. When you relieve your constipation and become regular, many other seemingly
unrelated health conditions and symptoms will clear up and go away. So now let’s discuss the
constipation causes.
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