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Healing Digestive Illness
What is Colitis?

Colitis means “inflammation of the colon.” (Any word ending in the suffix itis means inflammation;
appendicitis, arthritis, gastritis, diverticulitis, esophagitis, etc) Along with its cousin’s Crohn’s
Disease and (the more advanced form of colitis called) Ulcerative Colitis, colitis is one of the
most common inflammatory bowel disorders commonly referred to as IBDs.

Colitis can occur anywhere along the six feet of our colon which is divided almost equally in
length into three distinct sections; the ascending colon on our right side, the transverse colon
which crosses right to left across our abdomen a few inches above our navel, and the
descending colon on our left side. The last foot or so of our descending colon is called the
Like all other digestive disorders it is completely correctable and easily prevented from future
occurrences. If and only if you eliminate the root causes and if and only if you become more
proactive (vigilant-mindful) in your own self-care. My book,
Healing Digestive Illness will teach
you how to do this. If you want specific step by step guidance and detailed personalized
contact me directly.

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